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Grey's Anatomy

”Just Shoot Me Now” Top 10 Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 13: ”If/Then”

In all that alternative-reality hoo-ha for Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 13: "If/Then,” did we hear the world "seriously" once? No? Things were really upside-down! In any case, here are the other quotables from the episode. And beware: some serious sass lies herein.

10. Callie [to Addison]: "He does Skype with some of his old buddies that are still in Iraq, and um, this guy — Teddy? — seems to be helping him through it."
Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Kim Raver to the alternate-reality episode — nope, nope, our mistake. It was just a passing reference.

9. Meredith [to herself]: "What an ass."
Hah! It's funny 'cuz she's talking 'bout Derek.

8. Alex [to patient]: "You just got handed the keys to a Jaguar, and you been driving, like, a Civic."
As Patrick Swayze could have said, nobody compares Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to a Civic.

7. Addison: "It's a beautiful day to save lives"
Derek: "Nice."
Finally. Someone calls Derek (Patrick Dempsey) out on that ridiculously pretentious line.

6. Meredith [regarding Cristina]: "Jackson, don't feed the animals."
Man, Bright and Shiny Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) can be mean!

5. Alex [regarding Cristina]: "She's probably gonna go full-on Izzie one day and shoot up the hospital."
Hmmm, the writers comparing Izzie to a mass murderer probably doesn't bode well for Katherine Heigl being invited back.

4. Bailey [to Alex]: "I just lost my job. Do you see me crying? I have no earthly idea what to do next, but am I hiding in an elevator, whimpering about it?"
Meek and mild, no longer! We're getting our old Bailey back.

3. Lexie: "You got my pee?"
Jackson: "Yeah, you were kinda giving it away for a while there."
We've got incontinence! Adult diapers! Stat!

2. Charles: "Aw, just shoot me now"
Now the Grey's writers are just slathering on the irony.

1. Meredith [to Derek]: "McDreary. We call you McDreary."
Probably the smartest thing about this episode.

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