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Ryan Gosling’s All Wet: George Clooney Goes for Laughs

It seems nearly everyone who’s worked with George Clooney has a tale to tell. And Ides of March co-star Evan Rachel Wood is no different. In a recent interview in the LA Times, she divulged a hilarious prank the salt-and-pepper hottie pulled: Clooney convinced her to dance while busting out Justin Bieber’s “Baby” (FYI: EVR is obsessed with the Biebz!), which — surprise! — was totally caught on camera.

EVR also revealed a gag Clooney played on "struggling actor" (Clooney’s words, not ours) Ryan Gosling while filming Ides. While distracting Ryan with some directing notes, Clooney sprayed the front of Ryan’s pants with water, making it look like R.Gos had himself a little accident... and people took notice. Ryan, being the amazing, gracious guy that he is, laughed it off.

Clooney’s a good sport on the receiving end too, though. EVR mused, “He wants people to have fun and be happy. He’ll do anything for his friends.” And when pranks are pulled on him — like when his 11-year-old Descendents co-star Amara Miller accidentally busted two of his front teeth, which he had to Crazy Glue back in — he always comes out smiling. Pun intended.

Wonder what pranks he pulled on Sandra Bullock while filming Gravity? We’re sure we’ll hear about them soon...

Source: LA Times

02.3.2012 / 11:47 PM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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