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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoiler Roundup: Balcoin Blood, Birthday Parties, and Love Triangles

If you can’t wait until Thursday’s all-new Secret Circle, check out a sneak peak at this season’s magical mysteries with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup! Hop on your broomstick, because these spoilers are sure to cast a spell on you:

1. Why Does Diana Throw Adam A B-Day Party?
It’s Adam’s (Thomas Dekker) birthday this week on The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 13: "Medallion"! Ethan (Adam Harrington) suggests that Diana (Shelley Hennig) throw Adam a party in honor of his big day, so naturally we’re in for the most awkward episode ever. “Even though Diana is dealing with Adam and Cassie [Britt Robertson], she’s still in love with Adam. She wants to be there for him, and she thinks it’s important to do something for his birthday.” Shelley Hennig tells TV Line. Read More!

2. Shelley Hennig Wants Diana To Be Cassie’s Balcoin Sister
“I think it'd be awesome and I think it would explain the connection that Diana has with Cassie, and why she goes to Cassie when she breaks up with Adam,” Shelly Hennig explains to TV Guide. “Like, who does that? Who goes to the girl that now has your boyfriend? I think it will be interesting whatever way that they choose.” Read More!

3. Chris Zylka Wants Cassie To Be Happy
There are many reasons why Jake (Chris Zylka) swaggered back into Chance Harbor, but first on the list is stealing Cassie away from Adam, her star-crossed lover-boy. “I think that I’m team Cassie,” Chris says. “Whatever she chooses, whatever makes her happy at the end of the day is all that’s really important to me. Obviously, I want her with me, I want her with Jake – or whatever they’re calling it –— Cake?” Read More!

4. Will John Blackwell Team Up With Dawn?
John Blackwell’s return to Chance Harbor might just be a game-changer for Charles (Gale Harold), especially if John teams with with Dawn (Natasha Henstridge). "If he makes an allegiance with Dawn, then that puts my character in a whole other place,” Gale says. “He becomes a direct conflict because there's no way that Charles is going to stand by." Read More!

5. New Spoilers For Episode 14: “Valentine”
Expect to see Diana break out her inner bad-girl (otherwise known as Dirty Di) during the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode of The Secret Circle! Let’s just say that Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) isn’t the only witch who gets experimental with Devil’s Spirit, a party drug that is more than a little mood-altering. Read More!

6. Synopsis For Episode 15: “Return”
In The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 15, Cassie gets a shock when John Blackwell shows up at her front door. That’s right, daddy dearest is back, and he isn’t in town for a bonding sesh. Dude just wants his medallion (read: Man jewelry) back, and Cassie is so put off by her dad’s pushy attitude that she runs away and gets herself captured by the marauding troop of witch hunters. Read More!

7. Does Faye Still Have Feelings For Jack?
“You're going to see Faye figure out what she wants and who she is in the circle and what her relationship to Jake is,” Jessica Parker Kennedy says. “There is more of the love triangle with Jake, Adam and Cassie.” Sounds like this love triangle just turned into a love square, guys! We ‘ship Fake. Read More!

8. Melissa Has A Bumpy Road Ahead Of Her
Melissa appears to be making friends with Diana and Cassie, and Jessica confirms that she’s finding new people to help cope with her grief. “Her troubles aren't over, let's say,” Jess says. “She's reaching out in different ways looking for comfort from different people. She's searching to be comforted. Her journey and the way she's looking for that is going to be a bumpy one.” Read More!

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