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The Secret Circle

“There’s No Room For Jake Between Us”: Top 10 Quotes From The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 13, “Medallion”

We’re still mind-blown from all the love triangles (more like love pentagrams) going on in The Secret Circle! This week’s episode was filled with emotion and drug use, so you can be sure the quotes were sexually tense, filled with innuendos, and often completely incoherent. Check out the top 10 musings from “Medallion,” and heads-up: You might get high as a kite if you say these out-loud!

10. Adam (Thomas Dekker) gets real with Cassie (Britt Robertson): “There’s no room for Jake between us.”
Luckily, there’s room for Jake between them in our fan fiction.

9. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) gives Jake (Chris Zylka) some flirty side-eye: “Had to make sure Adam and Cassie and don’t get to second base, huh?”
Please, Cadam passed second base the moment they sexploded those light-bulbs!

8. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) trips on Devil’s Spirit: “I loved those puff pastries things. They tasted like gold.”
We only eat food that tastes like rainbows, so...

7. Ethan (Adam Harrington) gives a speech: “I’m better at incoherent rambling than speeches, so I’ll keep it short.”
LOL, because he’s a drunk!

6. Melisa greets Callum: “Are you Callum…The devil stuff guy?”
Callum: “I’ve been called worse.”
There’s nothing wrong with being mistaken for Travis from Clueless.

5. Melissa pops some Devil’s Spirit: “You don’t feel… Shiny?”
All the time, girl.

4. Faye warns Jake: “You’re barking up the wrong shrub with Cassie.”
This joke could potentially be much more PG-13.

3. Charles (Gale Harold) chats with Dawn (Natasha Henstridge): “When you threatened to kill my mother it occurred to me that you and I aren’t exactly on the same page.”
C’mon Charles, all the cool witches are down with matricide!

2. Faye mocks Adam’s party: “Diana was able to find enough random classmates to make it look like Adam has friends... Other than us five.”
Well, six including us.

1. Faye throws shade at Cassie: “She’s a creepy little Stepford ghoul with dark magic and daddy issues.”
Have to admit, she’s on point with the daddy issues.

Bonus Quote! Melissa chats about Diana: “I think she's brave and strong.”
Faye: “Oh, I forgot you guys are a super duo now. Delissa, is it?”
We’ll ship that!

02.3.2012 / 11:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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