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Pretty Little Liars

Will Maya Die on Pretty Little Liars? Rumor Spreads on Twitter

There is some serious Pretty Little Liars drama going on in Emaya-land today. A helpful tipster informed us that a possibly enormous spoiler is spreading like crazy via Twitter, and it involves the death of a beloved character.

According to our source, someone claiming to be Bianca Lawson's (Maya) father Richard Lawson “accidentally” tweeted that Maya would be the one to die by the end of Season 2. Naturally, Emaya fans went into crisis mode (“Emaya is the air we breathe. Tell me how I’m suppose to breathe with no air...?” tweeted @ShayMitchfann).

Richard supposedly deleted his tweet after causing such heartbreak among fans, without having any confirmation or denial from ABC Family, showrunner Marlene King, or, really, anyone at all.

Of course, we don’t know if the rumor is true or false, but once this huge of a seed is planted, it’s hard to stop.

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Source: Twitter

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