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True Blood

5 Things We Want to See From Russell Edgington Next Season

Resident Southern belle and usurped Vampire King, Russell Edgington, waltzes back into our lives (and dreams) next season on True Blood, and we couldn’t be happier!

We long for the good ol’ days when Russell would roam around with his jello bowl of bodily fluids, picking up hookers and killing innocent news anchors along the way. Sigh, memories!

No doubt Russell will be an integral part of next season (he’s a fan favorite, after all), so check out five things we’d love to see from him when he makes his triumphant return to Bon Temps.

1. A New Boyfriend

No one can replace Talbot, but it’s time to face facts: Boyfriend was dumped down the drain at Fangtasia, and his remains are likely floating around the sewers of Bon Temps.

Russell will always miss his soul-mate, but he’s had an entire year to get over Tata and it’s time to move on.

Here’s to hoping that Russell shacks up with a similarly amazing boy toy — hopefully one as good looking and obsessed with fine dining as Talbot!

2. Revenge

Now that Russell has escaped from his cement grave, he’ll have one thing on his mind: Seeking revenge from Eric and Bill.

Let’s not forget that these two Sookie cast-offs have taken their bromance to the next level (mutual fangasms), so it’s two against one.

Will Russell be able to defeat Billric? He does have about a thousand years on them, so it’s likely. The image of Russy flicking Bill off his shoulder will forever live in our memories. LOL, Bill ....

3. More Ascots

No one can pull off a pair of tan and velvet jodhpurs like Russell. His equestrian-inspired outfits are always inspiring, and they pair perfectly with an elegant ascot!

After an entire season of watching Marnie stomp around town in a maxi skirt and motorcycle boots, we’re desperate for some good fashion (sorry, Sookie), and fully expect Russell to bring out the big guns.

He truly is the Scott Disick of Bon Temps ...

4. An Unexpected Alliance

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Russell Edgington might hate Bill and Eric with a passion, but he also has it out for the Authority — Billric’s public enemy No. 1!

Hopefully, Russell and the boys will get past their differences and work together to defeat “the man.”

Of course, we’d also be thrilled if Russell spent the rest of his life befriending the were-panthers in Hot Shot and becoming their vampire Ghost Daddy. Either way.

5. Great Dialogue

Russell had some of the best quotes on True Blood, and now that he’s back we fully expect him to work that Southern snark.

Our faves? “We will eat you. And then we will eat your children.”

Sigh, so romantic.

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