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Grey's Anatomy

It’s Not Your Baby: OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 13: ”If/Then”

Going along with the title of the episode: if you mix up all the relationships and personalities in someone’s life, then drama will ensue and OMG moments will arise. Here are our picks for the biggest surprises of the alternate reality.

5. Bailey loses her job
Doesn't matter whose fault it was, all that matters is that Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was the subordinate to Ellis Grey and, therefore, the scapegoat. We thought maybe Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) could talk Ellis out of punishing Bailey, but it seems like Richard doesn't have Bailey's back in that reality as much as he does in our normal one. I guess Bailey just needed to be a little more Nazi-ish.

4. Alex and April hook up
With his polo shirt, somewhat dorky glasses, and cheery disposition, it seemed like we were looking at an evolved Alex (Justin Chambers). But he was cheating on Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) with April (Sarah Drew)...just like the good old lovable bad boy we're used to. Once a horndog, always a horndog.

3. Lexie is a cokehead
And we're not saying she likes brown fizzy drinks. We're saying she looks like she belongs on the set of Breaking Bad. Seriously, drug-addled Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) is one side of her we've never seen before. We do have to say, however, that the goth look doesn't look half-bad on her.

2. Richard and Ellis are happily together
Surprise #1: Meredith greets her very-much-alive mother, Ellis. Surprise #2: Meredith greets her father, Richard. What the what? So not only is the mother alive, and not only is she lucid and Alzheimer's-free, but she's also going steady with Richard, and Mer calls him Dad? Wowzapalooza.

1. Derek's not the dad
In either reality, Mark (Eric Dane) has a way of knocking up women he shouldn't be knocking boots with in the first place. Because now Addie has a McSteamy bun in the oven, and for months, she had been telling Derek (Patrick Dempsey) that it was his. Looks like Addison has been gettin' Sloaned this whole time!

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