Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Castle Season 4, Episode 14, “The Blue Butterfly”: Which Character Says “Hold Your Tongue or I’ll Cut It Out”?!

We already know Seamus Dever will be exploring his Celtic roots as a “tough-ass guy with an Irish accent” on Monday’s 1940s-themed Castle episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” but Seamus and his co-star Jon Huertas spilled some more about their “tough thug” alter egos, the cast’s authentic costume pieces, and beating up ABC’s favorite witty detective.

“It’s really exciting to see Nathan Fillion play this 1940s-esque private eye, he does it so well,” says Jon. “He starts reading this diary of a private investigator and it just takes him back to the 1940s. He imagines all these characters based on what‘s in the diary … we get to bring life to these characters that he’s reading off the page.”

“Everybody knows that I’m Irish-American, so the writer of this particular episode wanted to give my character an Irish accent,” says Seamus.

“So, I’m a gangster … My character’s name is Moxie … He and his partner, Chuchillo, who is a Cuban gangster, on loan from the Havana mob, they’re thugs and goons that hang around who hang around Tom Dempsey, who is the boyfriend, or the kept person, of Beckett, in her ‘40s persona. I get to walk around and be a tough thug.”

“It’s amazing to be able to put on the accent and the clothes and to play and I get to make a departure from Esposito,” teases Jon. “That’s one of the things our writers do so well is they make our jobs really interesting.”

Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Jon even gave us a sneak peek of his character’s biting words!

“Hold your tongue, or I’ll cut it out.”

We’re assuming he says that before he and Seamus instigate a swift ass-kicking on Fillion’s Rick Castle.

“I get to beat the crap out of Castle, it’ll be fun for people to see Ryan and Esposito in a different light,” says Seamus.

Prepare to be impressed by the boys' classic duds, costume designer Luke Reichle picked them up at various Hollywood thrift shops.

“These are actually from the 1940s,” reveals Seamus. “They’re all double-breasted suits and really high-waisted pants and everybody’s got suspenders and for some reason, all our zippers are like 16 inches long.”

“It’s nice to see everyone around me wearing a suit and all the women dressing to the nines,” Jon adds. “All the women were so beautiful with their period haircuts and the period make-up. The most fun is that I kind of feel like I’ve been transported back into that world on set. I fell in love with the glamour of the ‘40s it’s one of the reasons I became an actor, because of Hollywood glamour in the ‘40s and it feels like I’m kind of living a dream.”

If you’re all having such fun with the costumes, might we suggest more themed episodes in the future?

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