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The Bachelor

Casey Shteamer Must Admit the Truth to Ben Flajnik! The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6 Synopsis

As the show heads to “the most glamorous city in all of Central America,” Panama City, Panama, a very un-glamorous moment is brought to us by Chris Harrison’s stern face and Casey Shteamer’s tears, per the latest Season 16, Episode 6 promo.

This is also the site of the dreaded 2-on-1 date, which will end either Blakeley Shea‘s or Rachel Truehart’s journey on The Bachelor.

Read on for ABC’s details on what we’ll see this Monday, Feb. 6:

Kacie Boguskie gets a second date: Kacie got the first 1-on-1 date of the season and she’s getting the first follow-up individual date as well. “Ben treats Kacie B. to a panoramic view of Panama City and the Caribbean via helicopter before they land on a deserted island, which becomes their home for the day. [...] The duo returns to the mainland for dinner, and this emotional woman shows that she is willing to share a very upsetting, personal experience with Ben.”

Courtney Robertson gets competitive (again): “Six lucky women ‘get lost’ with Ben in the middle of the Panamanian jungle at the bank of the Chagres River. The Bachelor scoops up the ladies in a motorboat and the group zip through the jungle waters before coming upon the Emberas in their small village. The people warmly welcome Ben and the women, but one bachelorette decides to take local customs a bit too far and dons some native garb that leaves little to the imagination. That evening at the after-party at the Trump Ocean Club, Courtney continues her strategy to win Ben’s heart with her brash, aggressive behavior. But will this off-putting demeanor score her another rose?”

The dreaded 2-on-1 date: “Finally, Ben must face the always difficult task of taking two women he is fond of on the famed two-on-one date. Blakeley is supremely confident, but Rachel is intimidated and anxious. The two join Ben for a day of sexy salsa dancing. All of this comes easily to Blakeley, but Rachel feels like a third wheel on the date. After both women have alone time with him, Ben is forced to make the toughest decision of his journey so far.”

Casey strikes out? “On rose ceremony day, Chris pays a surprise visit to the women, pulling Casey S. from the group. In another of The Bachelor’s most dramatic moments, he confronts her about a situation she has kept secret from everyone. A shocked Casey S. then must admit the truth to Ben. How will he take the news?”

Another awkward moment: “The surprises keep coming at the cocktail party when one of the shy bachelorettes decides to make her somewhat awkward move on Ben, rendering him speechless. However, Ben has the courage of his convictions, and the six women left with roses will accompany him to beautiful, blissful Belize.”

Source: ABC press release

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02.6.2012 / 10:45 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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