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The Bachelor

The Bachelor 16’s Casey Shteamer: 5 Things You Need To Know

You know she's Courtney Robertson's only friend in The Bachelor Season 16 mansion/viper pit. You know the bottom half of the dress she wore on the premiere was sheer. You know she's the reason why Ben Flajnik calls Kacie Boguskie “Kacie B.” instead of just Kacie. But what else do you know about the silent but smoldering Casey Shteamer? Here are five little factoids on the 26-year-old trading clerk from Leawood, Kansas.

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1. Her twin was on The Bachelor Season 15
OK, so they’re not twins by blood. But remember Britt Billmaier? She's the Stanford grad whom Brad Womack dumped on a boat after their awkward one-on-one date on The Bachelor Season 15. Off the show, the San Francisco resident is good friends with Shawntel Newton — and she was supposedly "seeing" Ben last July. She tweeted that they were not dating, but it's interesting that they found another similar looking blonde to come on the very next season for more awkward, chemistry-challenged conversations with The Bachelor. Which brings us to #2...

2. She doesn’t always connect with Ben
Last week in Episode 4, we (finally) saw a brief conversation between Ben and Casey where Casey told him she’s had two serious relationships and Ben said he’s been in love four times. That sounded like too much love to Casey. But that’s pretty much the extent of what we’ve seen from them to this point. The official Bachelor site also shared a video where Ben and Casey openly discuss their lack of a connection. She can’t even seem to get a full sentence out around him. But at least they have one thing in common: They both like Courtney. Maybe she can be the maid of honor at their wedding?

3. She's not afraid to be honest (about some things)
Not only is Casey willing to stand up for her friend Courtney in the face of an entire house on the opposite side, she's not afraid to be brutally honest about a potentially traumatizing junior high experience. Asked "What is your most embarrassing moment?" She answers in her ABC bio, "Peeing in my pants in gym class in 7th grade - need I say more?” No, that's already TMI.

4. She values her own values
In her ABC bio, she's asked "Who do you admire the most and why?" She answers "Both of my parents because they raised me by example. And they showed me how to have good values, not by telling me, but by living with those values everyday." Hopefully those values aren’t compromised on The Bachelor, although the teasers are leading us to believe otherwise. Which brings us to #5...

Back in December, Spoiler King Reality Steve wrote that Casey’s (ex?) boyfriend didn’t want her doing the show. The guy’s name is Michael Patak, and he’s President and CEO of a company called TopStepTrader in Chicago. Steve said Casey either still works with him or worked with him at one point. It’s possible Casey and Michael are the subject of ABC’s tweet from last week, “Soon it will be revealed that one bachelorette still has a boyfriend... Who do you think it is?” In a recent interview, Chris Harrison teased that “Casey S. plays a very big part in the coming weeks.... [she] won’t be in the background very long.” And way back in October, bachelor honcho Mike Fleiss tweeted, “Every year, some girl or guy on the show thinks they can outsmart my amazing team of producers. Good luck with that." So did Casey S. try to contact her (ex?) boyfriend/boss back home and get caught? Guess we’ll find out...

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02.6.2012 / 01:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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