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Gossip Girl

3 Reasons Georgina Sparks MIGHT Be the Real Gossip Girl

We had some pretty solid arguments last week as to why Georgina isn’t Gossip Girl… and though we’re resolved in our opinion on the matter, we can’t help but think maybe the producers have decided to really mess with us by making this ludicrous mess TRUE. (We’d be more inclined to believe it if it were nearing the series conclusion, but that’s another matter...)

Without further adieu, here are three reasons – some likely, some completely silly – that Georgina miiight just be Gossip Girl…

She’s eeeeeeevil!

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network    

Let’s face it, the girl has done a lot to torture our UES pals over the years, but what REALLY got us was when she faked out Dan (Penn Badgley) with the birth of Milo. Dan went all-in to be a good dad to that little kiddo, only to have him ripped from his much-better-suited-for-parenthood arms! Cruel! Georgina leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes, and while we’d argue that GG tends to be more of a background/observer character, we wouldn’t put it past Ms. Sparks to be the evil genius behind the terrorizing online menace. (Note: This may be the only actual sound argument for Georgina as GG… read on with that in mind. Hehe.)

This might be an unpopular theory, but what if there is more than one person behind the infamous blogger? Gossip Girl has been wreaking havoc for years now, and it started when Serena and Blair were mere 17-year olds (or before, right?), so in the real world, it’d be completely plausible that the person behind the role would change over the years. Sure, that’d be WAY less exciting than ONE definitive “villain,” and we doubt the show would do such a thing… but a) we’re not sure a 17-year-old would be clever enough to create something like GG, which would mean the character was always older than her victims and b) if that’s true, then maybe she, you know, got on with life awhile back and handed over the reins to Georgina, who seemed a fitting successor?

Seriously, we’re out of ideas. But every time we say “GG” now we can’t help but thinking it does resemble the sound of Georgina’s name. Call us crazy, but maybe there was a hint here all along...

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02.7.2012 / 03:38 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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