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The Bachelor

Are You Team Courtney or Team Emily on The Bachelor Season 16? — Sound off!

Courtney Robertson vs. Emily O'Brien picked up to full Ali Fedotowsky vs. Vienna Girardi levels on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5.

Do you support Emily for talking to Ben Flajnik about her dislike for Courtney or was it wrong of Emily to trash Courtney to Ben just because she and some of the other “in crowd” girls don’t like her?

Should Emily have just focused on her own connection with Ben and left the Bachelor to make his own decisions? Why should Ben care that some of the women don’t like Courtney when the whole point is to have them compete against each other? After all, Emily isn’t potentially marrying Courtney, Ben is. Doesn’t it just make the other girls look jealous? Or do you think it was important for Ben to hear the anti-Courtney consensus from the crowd before it’s too late?

The Bachelor Expert (Ashley Elgin) made a good point when she recently tweeted, “In all of the seasons, I have yet to see the #Bachelor or #Bachelorette change their mind about a person, because of another contestant.”

So true. And it seems that Emily realized that in Episode 6, when she apologized for judging her nemeisis on the show. But Courtney was not having it. So is Ben's sexy model justified in feeling so burned and unforgiving? Or is she exactly what Emily initially thought of her: two-faced and not there for the right reasons?

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