Ben Flajnik on Sending Blakeley Shea Home: “I Knew in My Heart It Wasn’t Forever”
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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik on Sending Blakeley Shea Home: “I Knew in My Heart It Wasn’t Forever”

The Bachelor felt closer to a therapy session than a dating show this week. In his blog on Season 16, Episode 6, Ben Flajnik said he wishes he had hugged crying Blakeley Shea and showed more sympathy for lovelorn Casey Shteamer. He also felt like he was taking advantage of Jamie Otis during her attempt to go from 0 to 60 and hints to some frustration with Courtney Robertson’s forward behavior — but since he also encouraged that same behavior it’s more of a kiss on the wrist than a slap.

Read on for highlights from Ben’s blog:

The highs and lows of Courtney: "It's not easy balancing relationships while trying to make everyone feel special. That's why I was drawn to Courtney during the daytime portion of the group date – she made it a point to spend time with me. I always knew how she felt and she made sure to let me know that she was thinking of me. I will admit though, I wasn't pleased when she got in the pool during my time with Jamie. I know she was just trying to let me know that she's interested, but Jamie has a tough time opening up and having Courtney out of the corner of her eye wasn't helping."

Why Blakeley over Rachel: "I knew I had to decide at that moment whether or not I saw her as my wife. I could've easily dated Blakeley for another few weeks but I knew in my heart it wasn't forever so I decided to let her go. With Rachel, it was moving a lot slower but I was still open to the idea that something amazing could develop. Seeing Blakeley break down like that was excruciating. When watching it on TV, I wished I had reached out and hugged her. I didn't prepare myself for all the goodbyes I'd have to make in this experience and I hated seeing her cry and knowing I was the cause of it."

More sympathy for Casey: "After such an intense week, and with such a difficult goodbye, I wasn't prepared for Casey S. to show up at my room. Watching it now I realize I could've been more sympathetic to her. She was clearly involved with a guy that wasn't appreciating her but all I could hear was that she was still in love with someone else. I had just sent Blakeley home, which was really hard on both of us, and I kept thinking, 'How could you let yourself be here still if you're not that into me?' I can't change the way I reacted but I do hope Casey S. finds a man that appreciates her like she deserves."

Awkward kisses: "I think after watching this season you all know that I've had my fair share of kisses. Having Jamie walk me through one was sexy in theory, but it was so awkward in the moment! I wanted to make her feel comfortable and I know she was really working hard to put herself out there, but I felt like I was taking advantage of her in some way. I knew there wasn't enough time left in this journey to get to a place with Jamie that we would need to get so I had to let her go. She is one of the sweetest, most sincere women I've met and I hope she finds a man that is ready to go from 0 to 60 with her."

Read Ben's full blog for a lot more.

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