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Castle Creator Andrew Marlowe: What Happens in 1947 Reflects Castle and Beckett’s Present-Day Relationship

One of the things we love so much about ABC's hit crime procedural Castle is the witty, innuendo-laden dialogue. Whenever we hear Rick Castle and Kate Beckett discussing seemingly insignificant topics, we know there's always a hidden meaning lurking somewhere in the subtext.

And according to show creator Andrew Marlowe, tonight's noir flashback episode, "The Blue Butterfly," is no exception.

"It’s not a deep mythology episode for us," he admits to TV Line, "but there are great moments for the two of them to play in this. Some of the stuff in the 1940s reflects where the two of them are in their dance. It’s just that he’s Joe, and she’s Vera."

Any chance tonight's tango could end in a smooch for present-day Castle and Beckett?

"There is a kiss that might excite fans, absolutely," he teases. "Let’s let them tune in to see if it’s between Joe and Vera, or Castle and Beckett."

You're killin' us, Andrew!

Source: TV Line

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