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Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”

How do we love thee, Caskett? Let us count the ways — literally.

Last night’s Castle, Season 4, Episode 14, “The Blue Butterfly” was brimming with adorable moments between our two leads. Although most of them took place in the 1940s, where Castle and Beckett were actually representing star-crossed lovers Joe and Vera (um, hello, kiss!), there were a few choice moments in the present-day as a result.

Take a gander at the best Caskett moments from Season 4, Episode 14 “The Blue Butterfly” below!

3. Castle Reads to Beckett

As Castle slowly recites from Joe the Detective’s journal, Beckett cracks a smile and responds, “Cute.” We see right through that sarcasm, Ms. Beckett!

Anyway, Castle then sheepishly asks Beckett if he can take the journal home for some after-hours investigating. “You just wanna read it cause you think it’s cool,” she jokes, grinning. But before she can even say yes, Castle’s out the door with the detective’s diary.


2. "Kate’s Heart Quickened"

When Castle and Beckett return to the crime scene, Castle begins to recount the ever-romantic Joe and Vera story to his muse. As he’s explaining an almost-kiss between the two fated lovebirds, he accidentally calls Vera, um, Kate. Freudian slip to the max!

Even better, the flashback scene zips back to the present, where Kate calls him out on his slip-up. Although he tries to cover it up (“I didn’t say ‘Kate,’ I said ‘fate,’”) we all know better!

1. All I Have Is Love

“I can’t give you anything but love,” Castle says to Beckett. “Excuse me?” she responds, a hint of excitement in her voice. Turns out, Castle’s only referencing the song that was playing when the duo visited Maddox/Joe’s apartment, but did anybody else notice Ms. Beckett seemed a little disappointed by that revelation?

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