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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Fans Pick Their Favorite Secret Life of the American Teenager Episodes: What’s Yours?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is ready to kick off March Madness in true Hollywood style!

Fans are still reeling from the news that our fave show got picked up for a fifth season, so ABC Family took to Twitter and asked Secret Lifers what their favorite episodes of all time are!

They asked, you answered, and we’ve rounded up a list of your favorite memories!

1. “The very last episode when Ricky purposed to Amy #TRUELOVE i love them together, #RAMYforever ! <3”

We ‘ship Adrian + Sanity, to be honest.

2. “‘one foot out the door’ when Ricky accidentally calls Amy his wife! So Precious.”

That was one of the sweetest Ramy moments of all time!

3. “where Adrian loses her baby because it was so heart wrenching. I cry every time.”

We eat a bag of churros every time, but same diff.

4. “Definitely the one where Ricky comes to Grace's rescue. Any episode with Ricky shirtless is a great one. :)

Preach, girl!

5. “My favorite episode was of#Secretlife so far is probably when John was born!”

And unto us, a stud is born.

6. “my fave is Maybe Baby (Season 1 ep 21) I love it because it's when they decide to keep baby john”

Best decision since the invention of “meat scraps.”

7. “the episode when Ben & Adrian get married! :)”

Bring back those lovin’ feelings

8. “Best episode: Amy was trying so hard to get Ricky to propose to her! It was funny & adorable”

Also know as: The episode where Amy washes Ricky’s coif.

What’s your favorite Secret Life episode? Tell us on our Secret Life of the American Teenager Facebook page!