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Pretty Little Liars

Narrowing Down the ”A” Suspects on Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Still a Contender?

There sometimes seems to be an endless supply of “A” suspects on Pretty Little Liars, but which of these suspects have been the most ominous of late? We decided to take a closer look at the leading “A” candidates to narrow down which ones are most likely to be the evil stalker and which ones are just confusing things. Then again, if you ask us, each of these creepsters are guilty until proven innocent!

Here are the latest reasons for and against each of the prime “A” suspects.

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Lucas Gottesman
Pros: In Season 2, Episode 15: “A Hot Piece of A” we thought for sure that Lucas (Brendan Robinson) was ‘fessing up to working with “A” when he spilled his guts to Emily (Shay Mitchell) through the call center — along with him randomly showing up in Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) lake house attic — but we appear to have been duped on that front. Plus, every time we see that “A” has taken a surreptitious photo — like that recent one of Spencer and Toby (Keegan Allen) in his pick-up — we can’t help but reminded of Lucas’ photography skills. But could he really be using those skills for evil?

Cons: We’re feeling less and less certain that Lucas might be “A,” given that he feels like an obvious choice, not to mention that we were led astray with that whole rowboat red-herring. Deep down, Lucas seems to be a pretty nice guy, like when he brought Caleb back to Rosewood. And that’s impressive, because if we were trying to compete with Caleb for someone’s affections, we would want to get Caleb as far away as humanly possible! Also, let’s not forget that showrunner Marlene King let is slip that “A” might be female, ruling out Lucas.

Status: 25% chance Lucas is "A"

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Maya St. Germain
Pros: Now that Maya’s (Bianca Lawson) back in Rosewood, she and Emily have had more cute moments than not, so we’re starting to be slightly less suspicious of her. Granted, Maya has still been mysterious at times, between her weird behavior to Emily’s mom during dinner in Season 2, Episode 18: “A Kiss Before Lying,” or those constant texts that she keeps getting from her ex. And might that ex be someone we’ve already met, like Holden (Shane Coffey)? Consider us skeptical about the whole thing.

Cons: Maya is definitely mysterious, but is she really “A”? We’re having our doubts, as there are no real signs that she knew Alison (Sasha Pieterse). And Emily clearly trusts Maya enough to fall in love with her, so we’d like to give Emily the benefit of the doubt (even though Emily has a knack for making the worst possible decisions when it comes to love!).

Status: 55% chance Maya is "A"

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Mona Vanderwall
Pros: Mona (Janel Parrish) has been very un-Mona-like as of late, meaning that she hasn’t quite been the leading “A” candidate that she sometimes is. That doesn’t mean that she’s totally in the clear, of course, especially considering that she and then-boyfriend Noel (Brant Daugherty) were both sopping wet just as Lucas and Hanna’s boat tipped over in Season 2, Episode 15: “A Hot Piece of A.” Then again, sometimes you just need to go skinny-dipping as soon as the mood strikes.

Cons: We still have plenty of questions about her break-up from Noel — not to mention the fact that she randomly spotted Spencer at the train station in Philly inSeason 2, Episode 16: “Let the Water Hold Me Down” — but we also saw a rare vulnerable side to Mona as she seemed devastated by the break-up. Was this all an act, or is Noel just a scumbag? (Then again, it’s always possible that both of those things could be true.) Perhaps the biggest "Con" against Mona being "A:" We know that "A" isn't the same person that it is in the book series, which rules her out.

Status: 0% chance Mona is "A"

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Jason Dilaurentis
Pros: Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) is still a solid “A” candidate, as he was in the N.A.T. Club and has no memory of the night Ali’s died, along with the fact that he and Ali found a way to bicker about anything imaginable — including their grandmother’s inheritance. But lately, his main storyline has revolved around Spencer finding out that they’re related, so he hasn’t seemed like quite the major “A” suspect of late. But that sort of thing can always change at the drop of a hat!

Cons: Until he popped up this week, we hadn’t seen much of him lately, so he hasn’t really been gaining traction as a likely “A” suspect in the way that some of our other candidates have been. Plus, when he’s not acting sketchy (translation: building a fence and covering his windows with newspapers), he actually seems kinda sweet. Or maybe we just want him to be sweet so it’s okay for us to fantasize about running our fingers through that incredible hair of his. Also: again, we can’t forget the “A”-might-be-a-girl thing.

Status: 10% chance Jason is "A"

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Melissa Hastings
Pros: We haven’t seen Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) since Season 2, Episode 13:”The First Secret,” when it became clear that there was definitely bad blood between Ali and Melissa. Later, the Liars tracked down a place called Smitty’s, based on a receipt that “A” had left behind, and Aria informed us that Melissa’s condo is in the same area. In other words, Melissa has somehow managed to become even more suspicious in her seemingly eternal absence from the show. (And don’t get us started about her kissing her half-brother Jason! Give us a minute while we vomit.)

Cons: We’ll never be convinced that Melissa was with Ian (Ryan Merriman) for so long without being in on his diabolical schemes, like the N.A.T. Club or his involvement in Ali’s death. However, given that Melissa and Spencer continue to have cute moments here and there, we still find it hard to believe that Melissa would be so cruel to her own flesh and blood. Then again, on this show, people can turn dastardly at a moment’s notice.

Status: 80% chance Melissa is "A"

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Jenna Marshall and Garret Reynolds
Pros: The chances that Jenna (Tammin Sursok) and Garret (Yani Gellman) (or: “Jarret”) are “A” seem to be dipping as of late, since they haven’t spoken to each other in a while, along with the fact that they seem to be the most obvious choices. In fact, Jenna has been cozying up to Noel recently, which raises all kinds of questions as to what they’re up to. Is Noel her newest henchman, or is she just looking for Mr. Right?

Cons: Sure, Jenna seemed pretty menacing when she visited Toby’s hospital bed and referred to Spencer as “haunted,” but would Jenna really cause such serious harm to her step-brother? We haven’t seen much in the line of scruples from Jenna in the past, but she must have some, right?

Status: 20% chance Jarret are "A"

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Holden Strauss
Pros: From what we know of this guy, he’s not a big fan of locking down details about his past. He has that big bruise, which could maybe be from getting hit by Hanna’s car at the greenhouse, but it might also just be from getting into fights (since we know he’s got a knack for jump-kicks). And could those pills have something to do with “A,” or perhaps be the steroids that Emily tested positive for? We’re clueless, as we are about basically everything pertaining to this guy.

Cons: Sure, he’s super-mysterious about what he’s doing on those “dates” with Aria, but he doesn’t seem to know the other girls all that well, meaning he doesn’t yet have much reason to torture them. Plus, he’s been in Portugal with his folks until recently, meaning any stalking he was doing would have to have been long-distance stalking, which is never the most effective type of stalking. Also: Holden isn’t a girl, so that might rule him out from Marlene’s female “A” comment.

Satus: 10% chance Holden is "A"

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Noel Kahn
Pros: We had sorta forgotten about Noel as an “A” suspect — after “A” got him busted for cheating right when he was threatening to go public about Ezria back in Season 1 — but he’s probably been more suspicious than anyone as of late. He’s been hanging out a lot with other “A” candidates like Mona and Jenna, and Mona’s comment about his eyes reminded us of that “pretty eyes” remark from the waitress about “A.” Quite a coincidence, right?

Cons: He definitely knew Ali well, and it’s possible that not all of the secrets from their friendship have been revealed, but we don’t yet know of a clear reason as to why he might have started stalking her and the girls. And is a guy who can play the acoustic guitar ever truly evil (John Mayer not included)? Also, again: he’s a dude, making him not a likely candidate.

Status: 15% chance Noel is "A"

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