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Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Moments That Were Worse Than M.I.A. Giving the Finger

There were a lot of amazing moments in Madonna's Super Bowl XLVI halftime show, but according to several media outlets, all the pizazz was overshadowed by M.I.A. The British rapper ran afoul of some viewers when she flipped the bird during her appearance with the pop legend. While the Parents Television Council thinks NBC "enabled" the "offensive" gesture, TMZ reports, it all seems overblown — and definitely not as awkward as some of the other business that went down. Cee Lo leading a marching band during "Open Your Heart" and segueing into "Like a Prayer"? Mwah. Perfecto. Unfortunately, Madonna and co. couldn't pull off a full 13 minutes of awesome.

Here's a list of things we were more offended by than seeing M.I.A. extend her middle finger:

  • Madonna cartwheeling her head into a male dancer's crotch
  • Forcing Nicki Minaj to cheerlead instead of doing her crazy-fast rapping for longer than 15 seconds
  • Madonna's weird crouch hops that were supposed to be dance moves
  • The sheer volume of gratuitous pelvic thrusts
  • The starting pose of that toga-clad Richard Simmons-looking guy; he looked like a cherubic baby hovering above the ground — though his slacklining was pretty cool
  • LMFAO participating in Madonna’s 45-degree handstand by having RedFoo hold her leg
  • We know Madonna looks freakishly young for 53, but riding on RedFoo’s shoulders is a little age-inappropriate
  • So much lip-syncing
  • "Give Me All Your Luvin'"
  • Dropping Madonna into a smoky pit as the finale — can’t we find a new way to finish these performances?
  • Ending the show with "World Peace" spelled out in gold? Who are you, Bono?

02.7.2012 / 02:08 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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