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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16 Shocker! Who Is Casey Shteamer’s Boyfriend?

And the hits just keep on coming! At some point Ben Flajnik is going to get around to falling in love, but first The Bachelor Season 16 has more scandals to deal with.

Here’s a new one:

Credit: via Reality Steve    

In Episode 6, it was revealed that Casey Shteamer — aka Courtney Robertson’s only friend — was still in love with her ex boyfriend.

Back in October, when Reality Steve "spoiled" Casey as one of Ben's beauties, Steve wrote "I’m working on something else regarding Casey that could be quite interesting."

Apparently Casey’s (ex?) boyfriend back home didn’t want her doing the show, Steve revealed in December. His name is Michael Patak, President and CEO of a company called TopStepTrader in Chicago. He's the same guy Chris Harrison was talking about when he confronted Casey S. about still being in love with him. He told Chris/ABC that they were practically living together before she went on The Bachelor. Casey's argument was that he wasn't ready to marry her... but with a little coaxing from Chris, she admitted to still being in love with Michael (despite her best efforts to forget him).

In related news, Steve wrote on Tuesday, January 24, "Would’ve been nice if Casey would’ve filled [Ben] in on Michael Patak, the guy that plenty of people told me she was seeing before she left for the show and it was well known. Of course, I had her other friends who said they were ‘on a break.’ Uh huh. How much you wanna bet Casey and Michael are back together either now or in the very near future? I’m sorry, but if someone goes on this show while ‘on a break,’ then when they get back from filming they’re back together with that person, they were never broken up."

And do you remember Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss' teaser tweet back in October?

@fleissmeister: "Every year, some girl or guy on the show thinks they can outsmart my amazing team of producers. Good luck with that."

Well, Casey told Ben and, just like that, her stint on The Bachelor 16 was O-VER. Was Ben heartbroken? Well... seeing as their connection was already lacking, we're going to guess NO.

But WE'RE still shocked. They must’ve been setting her up to be this sweet, loyal person... only to drop the B bomb later in a dramatic way a la Justin "Rated-R" Rego in Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette. Oh Casey... hope you get what you're looking for!

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