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The Bachelor

Blakeley Shea Talks Bachelor 16 Haters and Friendship With New Bachelorette Emily Maynard (VIDEO)

The Bachelor Season 16’s most recent castoff Blakeley Shea sat down with her hometown radio station, Kiss 95.1 in Charlotte, NC prior to her Episode 6 elimination and dished about all the ugly cry-inducing emotion this season.

“Everyone looks at the show and they say, ‘Wow, she’s crying because she’s in love,’ ” explained Blakeley. “But you have to understand... it gets a little lonely.” She went on to explain how talking to some girls is out of the question, especially when they’re hating on you. Plus, “no sleep [from traveling], a lot of adult beverages” causes emotions to “pile up.”

She also has a subtle diss for Courtney Robertson, who called Blakeley a “stripper” behind her back/to the cameras. “Did I take my clothes off in front of America?” she countered, referencing Courtney’s late-night skinny-dipping date proposition to Ben in Episode 5.

Luckily, she does have a friend in recently-announced Season 8 Bachelorette Emily Maynard, whose season will be filming in Charlotte. Maybe Blakeley can make an appearance?

Watch the full interview with a very sweet, likable version of Blakeley below!

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