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Did Castle’s Film Noir Episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” Help Move Castle and Beckett’s Relationship Forward?

Castles film noir episode, Season 4, Episode 14, “The Blue Butterfly,” promised big things in the Caskett department.

First, it was a buzzed about kiss that got us all kinds of hot and bothered. Then, creator Andrew Marlowe teased that the Golden Age flashbacks would mimic the present-day tango between the crime writer and his muse — and that whatever happened in the '40s would push their modern-day romance along. Obviously, our minds were reeling!

Sadly, we now know the liplock wasn’t between our two leads, but rather their Greatest Generation counterparts. And that whole thing about the connection between the 1940s stuff and today? Call us crazy, but we just don’t see it!

Sure, Joe and Vera were a “walking fairytale,” but let’s be real: Caskett’s romance — cute as it may be — is far from a dream right now. Plus, we just don’t see how the star-crossed lovers mirror the present-day characters, since the only thing stopping them from being together is themselves, not a band of dangerous mobsters.

We mean, if we wanted to get all symbolic we’re sure we could find more connections, but they’re all a bit of a stretch.

However, there is the small fact that Beckett realized Castle was imagining them as the detective and the gorg gangster moll. But is that enough leverage to move this relationship forward somehow?

Whaddya say, Castle fans? Did “The Blue Butterfly” transform Castle and Beckett’s relationship, or are they still cocooned within their own fears?

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02.8.2012 / 11:00 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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