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Dancing With The Stars

Edyta Sliwinska Dishes on DWTS Relationships, Starting With Mario Lopez & Karina Smirnoff

Someone give Edyta Sliwinska a book deal. It sounds like the former Dancing With the Stars pro has a lot to talk about — and it's all pretty fascinating.

Last month, Edyta shared a long, meaty post about how DWTS pairs are put together, and now she's back with another Facebook post about relationships in the spotlight.

The breakup of Seal and Heidi Klum is her launching point for "Part I of Edyta's blog about relationships on DWTS and in Hollywood" but, since she doesn't know them personally, she writes about how she had the chance to observe relationships formed on DWTS over the years to see how those couples were set up for failure. She and DWTS Season 1 pro winner Alec Mazo have been together for 11 years, married for four, and she adds their personal experience to the blog.

First DWTS couple
"The first relationship that emerged during the show was Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff [who took second place on Season 3]. They had an amazing chemistry on the dance floor and, I think, they had initially mistaken that chemistry for real feelings. It happens quite often in our business. Take a look [at Season 5 partners] Mark Ballas and Sabrina Bryan, relationship that ended few months after that season of DWTS they were on.

“It almost happened to Alec and I as well. We met long before DWTS and felt instant attraction, but what differentiated us from others is that we waited for about a year before we started to go out. We wanted to make sure we actually like each other, not only like to dance with each other."


Cheating rumors
As Edyta continues, “Once in a relationship, the real challenge is to maintain it. One of the issues that come up first is trust and fidelity, which are absolutely essential for a relationship. It’s hard to talk about fidelity in Mario Lopez’s case (at least at that time). Do you remember the story with Ali Landry, who Mario cheated on right before the wedding? He was known for his appetite for women.

“Mario and Karina lasted for about 2 years, which makes me think that perhaps there were some real feelings involved, but I wasn’t surprised when a rumor came out that Mario was cheating on Karina with ‘some girl that worked at Hooters’. I don’t know how true the rumor was but soon after the couple broke up.

“The temptation will always be there, particularly in Hollywood. It’s show business; people we work with are often attractive and interesting. But if you are in a relationship the key is to remember how much the other person means to you, stand firm on the ground and don’t be charmed by every fascinating person you meet.”

Read her full post for more. She adds that Part II — which is coming soon — will include her thoughts on other DWTS couples like Karina and her ex-fiance Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Season 6 pair Derek Houghand Shannon Elizabeth. Juicy!

Source: Facebook