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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Scoop: Does Someone Die Before the Season 5 Finale?

Is tragedy about to strike on the Upper East Side?

TVLine’s Michael Ausiello has scoop of a “significant death” heading our way in the latter half of Gossip Girl’s current season!

All together now: Eeeeeep!

Credit: NICOLE RIVELLI / THE CW ©2011    

Though there’s no indication just yet as to who might be sayin’ goodbye come spring, we’re afraid to say we have a few ideas in mind…

Our first, most obvious guess: Grandma CeCe.

Last we saw CeCe, she was gettin’ glammed-up in celebration of Studio 54 only to have worsening health issues spoil her good time… and reveal a serious pill-popping habit. (Remember who was there to see all that?? IVY. Ugh!) That, paired with the fact that we got confirmation earlier this year that Serena and Eric’s dad – guest star Billy Baldwin – would be returning in a February ep because of a “crisis,” gives the theory some serious legs.

Except... no offense to the elder Rhodes, but would CeCe’s death be deemed “significant”? We kinda feel like that word is, well, significant in figuring out this mystery – which means the death could seriously rock the storylines of the rest of the season...

To which we offer this careful hypothesis/sorta-nasty DREAM: Could it be Louis (Hugo Becker)?

Louis’ death would very easily get Blair (Leighton Meester) out of her messy relaysh with the royal family, that nasty pre-nup agreement, AND get the action back on track and focused on her future with Dan and/or Chuck, right? (We vote Dan! No Chuck! No Dan! Okay, we can’t decide, but whatever…) But is that TOO easy? After all, Blair dodged one bullet in a far too convenient way already this season – hello, Baby B! sniff sniff… – so we kinda feel like there’d be fan outcry if ANOTHER obstacle were dispatched so quickly.

Which leads us to another possibility… that we don’t even want to commit to the screen for fear that doing so may make it happen. (But, you know, what about that other character that B’s been trying to save for the last few eps by sacrificing her happiness? What if going for Dan/ditchin’ Louis really does put, you know, that guy, in peril? THEY WOULDN’T DO THAT TO US, RIGHT?)

WHO THEN? We’re getting misty-eyed over all the options! Help us make sense of the madness by weighing-in in the comments…

Source: TVLine

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02.8.2012 / 10:34 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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