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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Speculation: Why are Dan and Blair Kissing?

Pardon us while we take a moment to revel in our STUNNED SILENCE……..

……… What the!

New photos from the set of Gossip Girl show some serrrious PDA between the Queen B and (her?) Lonely Boy — and our imaginations are running wild!

Gossip Girl Speculation: Why are Dan and Blair Kissing?
Credit: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash    

In the shots, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) is dressed as his usual self, but Blair (Leighton Meester) is in full-on princess mode! (Tiara?! Check!) So… what’s the setting for this loving lip-lock? Has Blair just escaped (another) royal function and run to Dan? Is Dan… dreaming? Is Blair dreaming? ARE WE DREAMING?

While last night’s episode, “The Backup Dan,” wasn’t quite the GIANT LEAP we were hoping for in the tale of Dan and Blair… Might we now be looking at proof positive that the debut of Dair is on the way?

How are we to explain these photos?! Naturally, we’ve got a few of ideas…

Maybe next week’s Valentine’s Day episode will be the one that pushes the emotions over the proverbial edge for Dan and he’ll profess all his love to Blair! (Or, maybe, judging by the promo, Blair will make a move?) Either way, it’s clear from the pics that the affection – along with those princess commitments, ewww – isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

How long can Gossip Girl go without giving us SOMETHING to keep our Dair hopes alive? Maybe they’ll just toss us another dream sequence to appease us for now... After all, Blair is looking pretty dreamy in that pink gown, and with all the stress in her life, that smile on her face is really big. It’d break our hearts to think all this is just taking place in Dan’s imagination, but then again… the show’s definitely pulled that kinda business before…

What better way to get out of your stupid, awful, no-good marriage than to make your vindictive husband wildly jealous? These pics are obviously being taken outside, and the actions contained within obviously attract some attention. Is Blair creating a scandal so that the royal fam will release her from their maniacal hold?! Not a bad idea… One question: Is Dan in on the ruse?? (We hope!)

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02.8.2012 / 12:21 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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