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Most Romantic Joe and Vera Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”

Castle’s film noir episode — Season 4, Episode 14, “The Blue Butterfly" — was chock-full of romance and intrigue (and really awesome outfits). Sadly, there wasn’t much mushy stuff on the Caskett front, but thankfully, Detective Joe and his glam gangster moll Vera more than made up for that!

Check out the most romantic Joe and Vera moments from 1940s to the present.

6. Love at First Sight

When Joe first sees Vera’s black-and-white photo, he says, “What a beautiful doll.” While in modern day that might seem sort of creepy, it’s all good to gawk in the 1940s!

5. “Where Have You Been All My Life?”

That’s what Joe wonders when he first spots the red-hot Vera from across the Penny Baker Club. He knows she belongs to gangster Dempsey, but despite the danger, he just can’t look away from the dame.

4. Joe Gets Beat Up — and It’s Worth It

Not so shockingly, Joe’s wandering eye gets him in trouble. Dempsey sicks his goons, played by Ryan and Esposito, on Joe and they really stick it to him. After he gets his butt beat (and kicked to the curb, literally), he asks himself it was worth it.

Then, Vera — in all her fur-wearing glory — walks into view, and he thinks to himself, “Yes, it is.”

Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

3. “You Two Are a Walking Fairytale”

As Joe and Vera are about to engage in their first loaded kiss, Dempsey’s goons show up and totes ruin the moment, threatening to take Joe out. Luckily, torch singer Betsy Sinclair (aka Lanie Parish) walks in, plants one on Joe, and pretends that she’s with him, saving the day.

When Betsy asks Vera if Joe’s worth all the trouble, Vera responds, “He’s the cream in my coffee.”

“You two are a walking fairytale,” Betsy replies.

We don’t think it gets any more flattering than that.

2. Who Needs a Blue Butterfly?

When real-life Castle and Beckett uncover Joe and Vera’s true identities, they return to their home to pull for more info. Joe admits they buried the Blue Butterfly necklace in the brick wall behind the Penny Baker, and Beckett asks if they ever returned for it.

“They don’t get it, Joe,” Vera says. “We had four children, seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and each other. What do we need a Blue Butterfly for?” Joe responds. Aww!

That, friends, is the stuff dreams are made of.

1. The Kiss!

Obviously, the final scene between Castle/Joe and Beckett/Vera takes the proverbial cake in the romance department.

“I got no love for this thing, just you,” Joe says, burying the Blue Butterfly behind a brick wall. "Tell me you love me, Joe.” “Always.”

But it seemed the meaning was two-fold: While it wasn’t actually a kiss between Castle and Beckett, the fact that Joe used Caskett’s secret word, “always,” – well, that’s no coincidence!

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