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Gossip Girl

Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 14: “The Backup Dan”

If last week's royal wedding was OMG-rific, this week's "The Backup Dan" took a bit of a time-out on the TRULY outrageous, in favor of story continuation and – let's face it – adorable Dair moments!

But, of course, it just wouldn't be our Gossip Girl without some shocking revelations! Here are our top five...

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Rufus and Lily got moves like Jagger!
HECK YEAHHH! We're lovin' the re-emergence of the 'rents story-lines this week and last, and never more in any moment than the hilarious reveal at the vdW residence that Rufus and Lily were a) the last one's on the dance floor at the disastrous royal nuptials (talk about bein' outta the loop!) and b) shook their bon-bons to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger." Who can blame 'em, the song's a supa-jam!

Lola's in touch with her Mom...?
Color us officially confused on what the heck Carol meant when she said everyone would be peeved if they found out what happened to the real Charlie. What's so bad about being a student in Michigan and/or supporting yourself as a cater-waiter while trying to become an actress in the big city? Did we miss something? And, uhhh, the two are speaking? Does Lola know what Carol's been pulling with the fam? (P.S. WHERE IS IVY, ANYWAY?)

Serena sent in the video! No, Chuck sent in the video! NO, IT WAS DAN!
Whoaaaaaa! That was a whole lotta whodunnit. And ultimately, we gotta say... Who cares? Past is past, though we're pretty sure Blair won't be thinking the same thing when she finally figures out who the culprit is. She was seriously upset with Serena when she claimed she "ruined her wedding" – let's be real, girl, that ish was heading in a bad direction all along – so if it was Dan... well... Wuh oh!

Georgina is NOT Gossip Girl!
Yeahhh, we didn't think so! But we were also surprised to learn the truth so quickly! Georgina dished with hubby Phillip about usurping the power of The GG after the real deal went on hiatus following Blair's accident. The bigger surprise here? That the actual Gossip Girl was apparently left feeling guilty about the car wreck! Hmm... Is there a clue there?

Dan demands some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
And all we have to say is... freakin' FINALLY! Blair walks all over this lovesick puppy and he says nothing, week after week after week. In fact, nobody ever stands up to the Queen B! Dan unleashed a flurry of frustration and it was just what B needed to hear – she returned to him at the end of the night with new-found respect (and, we'd argue, a hint of a bit more...).

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02.8.2012 / 05:41 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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