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Was the Blue Butterfly Necklace Real on Castle Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”?

Last night’s film noir Castle left us with one, big looming question: Was the Blue Butterfly necklace real?

Let’s take a look at what we know for sure: Vera, the gangster’s moll, dons a glittering Blue Butterfly necklace in most of her scenes. That necklace is buried behind a brick wall near the episode’s end. And, according to modern-day Joe and Vera, was never uncovered.

However, Castle and Beckett find another Blue Butterfly necklace in Dempsey’s secret safe — except this one is, according to Beckett, nothing more than costume jewelry.

After Castle and Beckett leave Joe and Vera’s humble abode the final time, Beckett asks if they should have told the elderly lovebirds “about the Blue Butterfly” (read: that it was fake). Obvi, that statement makes it seem as if the Blue Butterfly necklace was fake the entire time.

But was it, or is the real Blue Butterfly still hidden in the Penny Baker Club’s brick wall? And is the Blue Butterfly from the safe the same as the Blue Butterfly from the brick wall?

It seems everybody’s torn on this one. Some sources say the BB was never real, and that perhaps Dempsey lost the original and didn’t want to tell anyone, so he gave his girlfriend the costume jewelry replica instead. And it seems that’s what the Castle writers were going for, since Beckett made that comment about informing the couple that the necklace was fake.

But still: If it was the same (fake) necklace, how did it get from the brick wall into the secret safe?

Well, there is another option. Perhaps there were indeed two necklaces: one real and one fake. While the fake one was the one hidden in the safe, the real one is still (presumably) hidden in the brick wall. How and why a fake replica of the Blue Butterfly came to be, however, remains a mystery.

We’re turning this one over to you, Castle fans. Was the blue diamond Blue Butterfly ever real — or was it always just a cheap imitation? Were there two necklaces, or just one? And why couldn’t anybody make this clearer in the episode?!

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02.8.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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