Who Were the Little Liars Speaking to When They Called Vivian’s Mystery Number?
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Pretty Little Liars

Who Were the Little Liars Speaking to When They Called Vivian’s Mystery Number?

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that “Vivian Darkbloom”’s claim ticket turned up more than just a very mom-like red trench coat on Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 19: “The Naked Truth.”

It turns out that Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) alter ego Vivian had an unknown phone number stuffed in the pockets. The girls make contact with whoever the owner of the number is three times throughout the episode, the first of which is just a voice mail prompt. But what exactly was said during the two conversations with two different people at the number, and more importantly, who was doing the talking?

Below is a clip of the Little Liars’ first actual conversation with someone at the number. Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) look baffled when a girl who sounds like someone their age picks up. After Aria tells the girl, “Hi, um, I left a message yesterday, I’m a friend of Vivian’s...” the girl says, “Yeah who gave you this number?... No one here knows anyone named Vivian. Don’t call here again.” Listen below:

Toward the end of the episode, Emily realizes that the number has called her 6 times in a row. She finally picks up, and below is the conversation in a clip. The main surprise is that this time it’s a male voice, also young-ish, who says, “Well I have a few [questions] myself, but I don’t want to do this on the phone. Will you meet me?” And there we have our main plot line for the next episode. Listen here:

Who do you think it was on the other end? One of our first thoughts was that it could be an apartment, with several roommates, both male and female. Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) lives in an apartment, but we don’t know if she has any roomies. Or, what if it’s the number for the Institute for the Blind that Jenna (Tammin Sursok) used to attend? Another option is that it’s the number for a college dormitory, maybe even at Hollis.

Did you think the voices sounded like characters we already know? Tell us in the comments!

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