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Teen Mom

Why Leah Messer Cheated on Corey Simms and Didn’t Confess Before the Wedding

Leah Messer cheated on Corey just a week before their marriage. What would drive her to make such a terrible mistake?

“It was like, he [Robbie] was there. I was drunk. And Corey was being mean,” Leah explains on the Teen Mom 2 After Show.

“So it just happened. I didn’t want to, but I did it anyway ... It hurt me, I think. Because I felt like he didn’t care about me.”

Corey's lack of communication drove that wedget between the couple.

“He won’t talk to me, he won’t communicate with me, he just stays to himself anyway, and I feel like I’m alone anyway,” Leah says. “Even though I want it to be him, I just feel like I’m alone anyway."

Leah's gotten a lot of criticism for not telling Corey before they got married, and she explains her thought process behind that decision. "

"The reason why I didn’t when I got married ... is because I wanted that to be him,” Leah explains.

“I kept wanting that and wanting it, and if I told him that, he was going to leave me,” she continues.

“He wouldn’t understand that you’re not giving me this, ‘cause I’ve already said it so many times. I’ve already told you, please talk to me. And you’re still not doing it.”

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