Cheryl Burke: ”I’m Trying” to Get Victor Cruz on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 – Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Burke: ”I’m Trying” to Get Victor Cruz on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 – Exclusive

It was only fitting that the girl with one of Hollywood’s hottest set of legs, Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke, helped kick off New York Fashion Week at Wednesday night’s QVC style event. Rocking long, loose waves and figure-flattering, skintight dress, Cheryl dished with Wetpaint Entertainment on how she stays trim, why she hates shaving, and why she’s still gunning for Victor Cruz to be her Season 14 partner.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How does your off-season diet differ from when you’re doing the show?
Cheryl: It’s a lot different. You know, I’m not dancing eight hours a day in the off-season, so I need to be really careful about what I eat. It’s very important to me to eat clean, eat healthy and not eat too late at night.

So during the season, you actually eat more?
Right, I need to because of all the energy I’m burning. When I’m doing the show, I still eat healthy but I need to snack more throughout the day so I can keep up.

It’s been months, but everyone’s still talking about what you were able to do with Rob Kardashian in Season 13...
Yeah, no one thought Rob was going to go as far as he did. That took a lot of work!

Are you guys still in touch?
Yeah, I’m very close with his whole family. When we get together we have a great time. We keep in touch, but we haven’t had a chance to see each other in a while because we’ve both been so busy.

Besides getting ready for the new season, what have you been working on?
Well, I’ve signed with Veet, who makes amazing hair removal products. Obviously as a dancer, it’s very important to me to have smooth skin. So Veet and I decided to work together – the synergy is great.

What do you love most about their products?
It’s long lasting and it’s so much faster than shaving. It’s safer, too. You can have smooth skin and you don’t have to worry about nicks and cuts. Ugh, I hate shaving. It scares me!

If you could pick anyone as your partner this season, who would it be?
Victor Cruz from the New York Giants. He has some hot salsa moves!

Can you put the word out to producers to cast him?
I’m trying!

Be sure to tune into the TV debut of the QVC show on Feb. 10 and Feb. 11 at 10 pm ET on QVC.