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Pretty Little Liars

How Does Chris Zylka Compare to Lucy Hale’s Ex-Boyfriend, David Henrie?

Now that The Secret Circle star Chris Zylka and Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale are pretty much an official couple, we wondered how Chris stacks up next to Lucy’s former boyfriend: David Henrie.

Lucy and David’s relationship may be best remembered for this YouTube video, which shows them getting into a huge argument outside of a Los Angeles club in 2010 after the pair had already broken up. Allegedly the fight had to do with David getting into an argument with a guy in Lucy’s entourage. They even get so agitated with each other that they begin communicating via bodyguard.

David is known mostly for playing Justin Russo on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. He also has a recurring role as Ted Mosby’s future son on How I Met Your Mother. He’s 22 years old (1 month younger than Lucy!), and his side gig is overseeing his own production company called YUTE, “looking for Y-Gen content.”

Chris, at 26, is both nominally more mature than David but also professionally. His current role as Jake Armstrong on The Secret Circle is on a network channel (The CW) rather than a cable channel, and he’s about to become a household name once The Amazing Spider-Man comes out this spring. He plays Eugene “Flash” Thompson opposite Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Oh, and Chris’ side gig? Modeling.

We know where we stand if we had to choose which boyfriend we prefer for Lucy — but who do you think is better for her? Chris or David?

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