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New Bones Season 7 Episode Titles Revealed!

Brace yourselves, ladies and gents: we have not only one, but two new Bones episode titles for you to digest! The labels for episodes 11 and 12 are out... now, if only the episodes themselves would air as well!

Number eleven is called “The Family and the Feud.” The Bones masterminds are trending literal on this one, as executive producer Stephen Nathan calls the episode “our take on the Hatfields and the McCoys. And, of course, it spills over onto our people and their own families.” Reason to worry for Baby Hodgela, or... Baby Bones?! Say it isn’t so!

(Speaking of families, the Family Feud episode is where we can expect to see Ryan O’Neal reprise his role as Max, Brennan’s loving but sometimes unscrupulous dad.)

As for number 12, we’ve got something a little more ambiguous: “The Suit on the Set.” (The Bones people seem to be disporting with wordplay here — remember “The Male in the Mail”?) No plot details on this one yet, but we’ve got our eyes peeled. Maybe Bones creator Hart Hanson was actually just yelling at someone to move a prop...

Credit: Hart Hanson on Twitter    

So what do we know about the upcoming Bones installments so far? Well, we have a pretty nice cornucopia of confections on episode 7, “The Prisoner in the Pipe,” including the birth of Baby Bones, a cameo by Stephen Nathan (as a doctor, no less!), and some weirdly aromatic descriptors courtesy of David Boreanaz (Booth). And all that says nothing of “The Deal Diva,” a no-doubt schizophrenic coupon-clipper who promises to be a boatload of fun for viewers. (Disclaimer: we’re like 90% sure that said diva shows up in episode 7. She could come later.)

After that, things get a little hazy. We do know that Booth’s son Parker (Ty Panitz) will start making mischief in episode 10 (“The Warrior in the Wuss”), and Agent Genny Shaw (Tina Majorino) will make an appearance in the near future (as will a sweet-talking 75-year-old murder suspect, who aims to put the moves on Brennan [Emily Deschanel]). Then there’s the tween girl who karate-chops a grown man into oblivion (almost literally — said grown man actually dies under unrelated circumstances).

So what we have now is sort of like a Bones plot jigsaw puzzle. We give you the details, and you can piece them together among the six upcoming episodes to make a coherent storyline. And as we look at the mishmash we’ve got up above... well, all we can say for now is best of luck with that.

Source: TV Line

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02.9.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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