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A Bones Movie? More Season 7 Mystery Plot Details Revealed!

Throw one more marshmallow on the Bones plot details bonfire! We’ve got ninja tweens, 75-year-old smooth talkers, and a strangely delicious-sounding baby. Now, somewhere between the coupon-clipping extravaganza and Booth (David Boreanaz)’s and Brennan (Emily Deschanel)’s respective family reunions (Parker [Ty Panitz] is coming back, as is Brennan’s father Max [Ryan O’Neal]), we’ll have to make room for a trip to Hollywood.

That’s right: some enterprising filmmaker has decided to make a movie out of one of Brennan’s books, and it looks like one of the staged murders turned out to be a little too authentic. Meanwhile, we’ll get to see “‘actor’ versions of our favorite forensic coupling” — so we’re going to see actors playing actors playing investigators? Dare we ask if Nathan Fillion will play Booth?!

Since we’ve got at least six episodes coming up, we guess it’s possible to fit all these plotlines into the rest of the Bones season. This is probably from "The Suit on the Set," but who can say for sure? Can YOU, reader?

Source: E! Online

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02.10.2012 / 02:17 AM EDT by Simon Astor
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