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Could Emily and Charlotte Become Enemies on Revenge? Christa Allen Tells All – Exclusive!

No such thing as a quiet dinner at the Graysons! On last night’s episode of Revenge, an enraged Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) stormed in to reveal Victoria Grayson's (Madeleine Stowe) and David Clarke's (James Tupper) affair to the rest of the clan.

As a result, the truth about who fathered Charlotte (Christa Allen) is now out in the open.

In an exclusive interview, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Christa to chat about her reaction to the news, and what we can expect next!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Were you shocked to find out you were David Clarke’s daughter?

Christa Allen: Oh my God! It's like, we open these scripts, and immediately, I pick up the phone and call my co‑stars, and I'm like, "Can you believe what's happening? Can you believe what we're doing in this episode?" Yeah. It's always a shocker.

Are we to expect a confrontation between Charlotte and Victoria at some point?

I'm always trying to convince people that she's not a complete wicked witch because I don't think she is. So I think all of this comes out, and this is a secret that she's been hiding for two decades.

I think she does feel a hint of guilt and remorse, and she tries to fix it. She just doesn't know how. She's just not very good at handling her affairs … literally, affairs with other men.

What’s going to happen to Charlotte's relationship with Emily?

Well, as we've seen, that's started to become much closer with the prospect of Emily becoming Charlotte's sister. I think that Charlotte does need another young woman in her life to bond with, someone who ultimately will care about her in a real way.

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Because Emily is very caring … ?

Once again, though. I think that you have to realize that all of this revenge and this deception comes from a good place. It's because she's avenging her father's death because she loved him so much.

So we clearly can see that Emily has this incredible capacity for love. It's not like she's just a psychopath who's doing it for her own sick, twisted fantasies.

She is justifying the life of the father who loved her so much. I think that it comes from a good place.

Do you see her becoming Emily's ally?

It’s hard to say because the people that she's focusing on destroying the lives is Charlotte's own family. It's possible that a daughter would go back and try to ruin her mother's life. It's possible, but at this point, I'm not sure if Victoria’s actions would justify that sort of reaction from Charlotte. But it’s possible.

Do you see them turning against each other?

I don’t feel like Charlotte would have any reason to go against Emily unless Emily hurts Daniel. I feel that that's the one thing that could turn Charlotte and Emily into enemies.

Well, we know something Charlotte doesn’t. For juicy details about next episode’s murder, check Wetpaint Entertainment in a few days for more from Christa!

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