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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore’s Sammi Isn’t Dating Anyone Right Now, Still Loves Ronnie – Exclusive!

Only in the world of the Jersey Shore would a SamRon engagement rumor surface one week, followed by the news that Sammi isn’t even dating anyone, let alone Ron.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to Sammi at a Jersey Shore viewing party at Bounce Sporting Club in New York on February 9, and she opened up about her current single status.

When asked if she’s dating anyone right now, she told us, “No, I’m not dating. I’ve been in a relationship for a long time and I really need to focus on myself.”

But if Sammi is ignoring men altogether, does that mean she and Ron Ron aren’t talking?

Sammi assured us that they are definitely still talking. “I love Ron,” she said. “We’re great friends, and he’s still a huge part of my life.”

Is it weird that we spent the last two seasons of Jersey Shore completely annoyed by the whole SamRon saga, but now we just wish these two crazy kiddos could work it out?

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