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Jersey Shore

JWOWW & Roger Fight on Jersey Shore: Whose Side Are You On?

This week on Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 6: “The Follow Game” we saw one of the show’s strongest couples, JWOWW and Roger Mathews, nearly come to an end after an explosive argument. But who was really in the right?

JWOWW has been angry with Roger for the past couple of episodes because he has been blowing her off to hang out and not returning her calls. Jenni became even more angry when The Situation told her that he spotted Roger just around the corner from their house, but he never asked Jenni to hang out or told her he would be in the neighborhood. Obviously, not great boyfriend behavior.

JWOWW hit her breaking point in this week’s episode when Roger told her that he was going to be late and she was worried that she wouldn’t have enough time to hang out with him. Jenni yelled at Roger over the phone and then hung up on him, a move that Roger did not really appreciate. Later Roger ran into Vinny and Ronnie at the gym and told them that he isn’t going to call Jenni until she calls him to apologize. (He does this after telling them that he “doesn’t play games,” all while subtly playing the game of telling-my-girlfriend’s-friends-something-because-I-know-it’ll-get-back-to-her.) Jenni eventually caves, but at the end of the episode you could see that the couple’s problems were far from over. (Relax RWOWW fans, Roger and Jenni are still together.)

While there are two sides to every story, we felt bad for Jenni during the episode. She had just returned from a stressful stay in Italy and now her boyfriend wasn’t even putting in the effort to hang out with her. And to top this all off, Roger was making Jenni feel as if she had done something wrong! We miss the strong, maneater Jenni that we first knew in Season 1.

Whose side are you on: Jenni’s or Roger’s? Vote in our poll below.

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