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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Tyler Blackburn on the ”Adrenaline Pumping” Season 2 Finale

The Pretty Little Liars Season 2 winter season has been filled with twists and turns, and it's only getting more intense as we head into the home stretch and get ever closer to the big "A" reveal. We can't wait to find out who the person behind the texts is, but at the same time we're worried about how revealing the show's central mystery will impact the following season.

Recently, Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to talk with Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers), who dished some spoilers about the drama to come in the rest of Season 2, and promised we won't be disappointed heading into Season 3.

Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

Tyler agreed that he was initially wary about the "A" reveal. "Obviously, you feel like, oh, the show would end," he said. "But that is not going to happen."

"Once 'A' is revealed, there’s another mystery [that] kind of starts from that," he promised. "They definitely have kept the momentum going."

He also teased the the Season 2 finale will be shocking and "adrenaline pumping." "When Ian Thomas [Ryan Merriman] was hanging from the bell tower [in the Season 1 finale], and there was so much action, that’s literally just a fraction of what goes on in this season finale," Tyler gushed. "I really genuinely was, like, biting my nails reading the script... It’s awesome."

Although Caleb won't learn the whole truth about "A" this season, Tyler thinks the big reveal might lead to many more people learning the truth in Season 3. "[The reveal is] just going to really open up a huge can of worms for everybody involved, everybody at Rosewood High... I think everyone’s going to start to get clued in."

As for the rest of Season 2, Tyler said that we have a "big masquerade ball" to look forward to (Hanna [Ashley Benson] and Caleb go as "a play on Romeo and Juliet"), and he also teased that "Caleb is sort of put in a position to have to do something that he really doesn't want to do to help someone out," which sounds like lots of fun.

As for the big reveal itself, Tyler said fans will "just be aghast, literally."

Oh, and one last thing: While it sounds like Caleb is a force for good in the Liars' lives, that could all be a clever lie. In fact, Tyler teased that this lovable bad-boy could be "A": "I wouldn’t rule him out, to be honest." Hm, maybe we’ll have to take him off our definitely-not-"A" list.

Either way, we'll find out in the season finale!

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