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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Catfights of Beverly Hills, Season 2 Reunion, Part 2: Brandi Glanville vs. Everyone

Jealousy, impatience, anger, annoyance: all sweet, sweet fodder for the most sensational catfights. When the women are swillin' the ol' haterade, we've got your ringside coverage. Here are the highlights from the Season 2 Reunion, Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Get ready to rumble!

WHY: Brandi points a finger at Adrienne for telling her staff that she didn’t like Lisa. Adrienne doesn’t deny this, but says that Brandi shouldn’t have told Lisa and that Lisa is sucking up to Brandi.
WINNER: Another draw. We feel that this whole thing could have been avoided if Adrienne had just addressed her concerns with Lisa directly. Instead, Brandi gets involved and turns it all into a very public situation. Plus, Brandi claims that she and Adrienne don’t hang out, but at least Adrienne tried to invite her on Halloween. Ultimately, it’s clear that Lisa and Adrienne have very different personalities, so maybe we just have to sadly accept that these two will never be all that tight. Or maybe one day they can patch things up over a meal of soapy chicken.

WHY: Kyle comes to Taylor Armstrong’s defense, telling Brandi to be more compassionate. Kyle and Brandi then debate how often they speak.
WINNER: Kyle. Kyle manages to keep her cool for the most part while defending Taylor. Kyle also calls Brandi’s bluff, as she points out that she did in fact invite Brandi to a holiday party, forcing Brandi to then say that she didn’t want to go. (Make up your mind, Brandi — do you want Kyle to invite you to things or not?) Okay, so Kyle gets a touch catty with that “Angry Spice” remark — didn’t everyone seemed pretty angry at that point? — but we’ll let it slide.

WHY: Brandi remains steadfast in her belief that Taylor knew about Russell’s email, leading Taylor to bring up Brandi’s attack on ex Eddie Cibrian’s tires. Then, Brandi criticizes Taylor for releasing a book so soon after Russell’s death.
WINNER: No winner. Neither one comes off in a flattering way, with Brandi seeming stubborn about the email, and Taylor getting petty by bringing up the tires. And it’s hard to know how to feel about the book — we can understand why Brandi is feeling cynical, but anything that might help victims of domestic violence can’t be a bad thing. (But if anyone out there ever cheats on Brandi, you should probably plan on taking the bus for a while.)

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02.10.2012 / 02:08 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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