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True Blood

True Blood Fan Fiction of the Week: Would You Like to Dance?

Are you desperate for a fix of True Blood? We've combed the internet for the best Truebie fan fiction of all time, because let’s get real: We’re kind of desperate for anything involving Eric.

Check out MaytheVampire's "Would You Like To Dance?" a piece of Truebie storytelling that is truly fangtastic.

Welcome to Sookric's honeymoon period, a time of crazy sex and dirty dancing. During a quiet evening at home, Eric decides he needs a dance lesson and turns to Sookie, who apparently knows how to get down, get down like it’s her job:

"'Eric let go' her voice was calm and soft yet commanding. He looked into her eyes for a moment and with a small smirk he whispered "would you like to dance?" Sookie looked at him confused "what?" she said with a small giggle. He nodded slightly and repeated "Would you, like to dance?" She laughed at the offer in a kind way. "no Eric not now, but thank you for the offer" he let her go and sighed watching her tun to get her book "i guess thats for the best, i dont remember how to dance anyway" he shrugged and turned to go sit back down...."

Aw, even in fan fic, these two are adorable! Get the scoop on whether or not Eric wins a piece of Sookie's fairy tail here, and in the meantime, take our advice: If Eric ever asks you to dance (or do anything for that matter), the answer should always be yes, yes, a thousand times yes!


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