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Wetpaint Entertainment’s Netflix Guide to Valentine’s Day

Want to rent the perfect movie for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re looking forward to snuggling up in front of the TV with your significant other or spending the evening with a few friends, Wetpaint Entertainment has hand-picked a movie for every occasion. Treat yourself to a heart-shaped box of chocolates, read on, and queue it up!

For a romantic night in with your special someone: Knocked Up or I Love You, Man
Your guy will enjoy either one of these thinly veiled rom-coms just as much as you.

For a romantic night in with your special someone — and your taste reigns supreme:
10 Things I Hate About You or Going the Distance
These are rom-coms through and through, so rent them only if your fella is willing to indulge you... or you don’t give a flying flip what he prefers. (You watched Death Race — his pick — last week, and it was neither charming nor romantic.)

For a fun-filled evening with the girls:
Valentine’s Day
Let’s be real: This movie kind of blows, but you’re going to be chatting and laughing through it, so does quality really matter? (If it does, go with Bridesmaids instead.)

For a date with the guy you’ve been secretly stalking:
Fatal Attraction
If you Facebook-stalked the unsuspecting guy for two months before saying hi to him, this movie will speak to you. Just don’t get any ideas.

For a long-awaited date with yourself and a glass of wine (or a bottle — we won’t judge):
Clueless, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Sex and the City
You’re flying solo — why not go for the rom-com trifecta?

For a night filled with self-pity and gentle weeping:
The Notebook
For a good cry, look no further. As a bonus, shirtless Ryan Gosling may boost your mood — and don’t forget those sexy deleted scenes!

For a night devoted to hating all that Valentine’s Day stands for:
The Break-up
Relish in the rapid disintegration of a relationship.

For an evening of self-empowerment:
He’s Just Not That Into You
This may sound like a downer, but (spoiler alert!) it’s actually filled with a string of happy endings — proving that you, too, can find the yin to your yang.

For any old night — who cares if it’s February 14?
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Simply put: It’s hilarious.

For an excuse to ogle sexy A-list actors:
50/50, Drive, and The Ides of March
It doesn’t get much better than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, and George Clooney — our future husbands.

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