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Grey's Anatomy

Who Will Cristina Turn to for Comfort When Her Marriage Goes South?

We must be masochists, because no matter how many times Grey's Anatomy breaks our hearts, we keep coming back for more.

The most recent round of Grey's emotional pain obviously comes from Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) rapidly deteriorating marriage. Is there still hope for this troubled couple? And how will Cristina weather the storm, no matter what the outcome is? Sandra Oh recently chatted with TV Guide about what's coming up for her character.

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As we've previously heard, Owen and Cristina will start couples therapy in an attempt to save their marriage, starting with the February 16 episode.

"It's really, really challenging," Sandra said, but she added the she still has hope that the marriage could last. "You see a marriage in peril and we take our time exploring that quite honestly," she explained. "I'm extremely pleased with the storyline because a lot of times people get together, and break up or whatever, and it's fast. The writers are really taking their time."

To us, this seems to mean that Owen and Cristina won't be patching up their differences any time soon, but they also won't be filing for divorce quite yet. So, there's still hope.

That's the good news. The bad news is that, according the Sandra, this tough patch ends up isolating Cristina from the one person she can normal turn to: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). "Cristina doesn't want her help. She's dealing with it solo and pushing Meredith away."

No! We love the Meredith-Cristina friendship at least as much as their romantic relationships; we're not sure if we can bear watching Cristina push Mer away just when she needs her the most.

Why do we let you do this to us, Shonda?

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Source: TV Guide

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