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The Secret Circle

Are You Happy Cassie and Adam Finally Hooked Up on The Secret Circle?

OMG, ya’lls, it looks like Cassie “Rescue Me!” Blake and Adam “Secretly A Demon” Conant are finally going to make it official. These two have been skirting around their crushes on each other for weeks, but apparently there was something about Possessed Adam that turned Cassie on, and now she wants in on that emo action.

Adam and Cassie’s Valentine’s Day kiss was completely adorable (So. Many. Candles.), but is their sweet relationship enough to make us ‘ship them? We know, we know, the stars want us to root for Cadam, but Jake Armstong's’s six-pack is making that pretty hard. Part of us wants Cassie to push Adam off the side of a boat and run into Jake’s open biceps!

Then again, Adam surely doesn’t know how to swim, so Cassie might as well keep dating him. At least she’ll be able to bask in the beauty of his eyelashes when she’s feeling sad. Lord knows those things have a sexy life of their own.

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