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The Bachelor

Blakeley Shea on Courtney Robertson, Who Ben Should Pick, and Whether She’d Do Bachelor Pad — Season 16 Exit Interview!

Blakeley Shea just had a long exit interview in which she was asked several times about Courtney Robertson but only once about the scrapbook she showed Ben Flajnik before her elimination on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6. Scandalous! At least she acknowledges Courtney was not the only one saying “hurtful” things behind her back. If you remember, it was the ladies’ favorite pastime in Episode 2.

The other bachelorettes didn’t appreciate Blakeley’s open sex appeal, but at least she wasn’t a big trash-talker. In fact, she was one of the only ladies in the house to keep her focus squarely on Ben. The still single girl from North Carolina talked about her 2-on-1 date elimination, her #1 pick for Ben, her best friend in the house (surprise, it’s not Monica Spannbauer!), and why she’s absolutely up for going on Bachelor Pad Season 3.

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When you were on that two-on-one date with Ben, did you expect for him to make the decision that he made. And just what was going through your mind when he was walking you out that night?
Blakeley Shea: Well, I obviously did not expect him to not give me the rose. And it was a little difficult. Because every time that I was with him I took it upon myself to really open up as much as I could for the amount of time that we had together. And it hurt a little bit. So, I mean, if he wasn't feeling it, then obviously it was the best for both of us. But it definitely hurt to be walked out... It's never easy for someone to tell you that things aren't going the way you think that they are. Or things aren't working out. So, it's always a little difficult.

Who do you hope wins for Ben? Who do you think is best for [him]?
Well, from getting to know the girls [for as] long that I was there, I really feel like Nicki [Sterling] is a good choice for Ben. I think she's very down to earth, she's very real. She knows what it's like to be married. She definitely wants the same thing that Ben wants. I think that they would really make a good fit.

Why didn't you ever get a one-on-one?
I wish I knew. I don't know. I asked Ben every time we would speak, I was like, "I was hoping to get a one-on-one with you so we could get to know each other." The only thing that I could take from it is that maybe he had developed a little more emotional feeling for others. However, going on the two-on-one date, I was so excited about it because, to me, I looked at in a positive way. If I would have looked at it in a negative way, it would have just brought me down. So I thought, wow. He's already been on a one-on-one date. He's actually questioning her, and not me. That's what I was looking at it like whenever he asked Rachel to go with him. But I don't know. I wish I could have gotten some one-on-one time. But who knows? It may have turned out the same and it may not have.

What did you really think of Courtney?
To be honest with you, I don't know her at all, because I didn't take the time to get to know her. And she did not take the time to get to know me. I don't think that it's a bad thing. I know that I went on there to meet Ben, to get to know Ben and to possibly fall in love with Ben. If her motives were the same, we just have a really different way of going about it. And just seeing everything that goes on, because, you know, whenever you do have one-on-one time with them you don't know what they're saying. And if you're in a different — if you're all on a group date and some girls aren't, you don't know what they're talking about. Even in a group date when you're off talking to him by yourself and the girls are over waiting to talk to him, you don't know what's being said. So now seeing the things that she said, it's a little hurtful. They were very hateful towards me, I see now completely. And I wasn't hurtful like that to them. So I don't really have anything good to say about her, because I don't know her. And I don't really — the only bad thing is I just wish she wouldn't have said some of the things about me that she did.

Are you dating anybody now?
No. I'm not dating anyone now.

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Looking back, if you feel like possibly you being so open and so honest and showing him your notebook and things that maybe scared him off a little bit?
Well, I think the whole purpose of the show is you have to get to know someone. So you have to really put yourself out there. And I even, you know, hope he will reciprocate. You really have to put yourself out there. And me being sentimental, that's just the kind of person I am. So if that's not the person he's looking for, then I wasn't right for him. But I don't regret doing it. I definitely was developing feelings for him. And I was 100 percent open and honest with him. And I don't see anything wrong with that.

I feel like someone who is your age [34] is sort of like the right person to go on a show like this to find love and stuff. And I know Jennifer was talking about Kacie B. last week and saying, "You know, she's really great. I like her a lot." But she's young. And if she gets to the end, I don't actually think that she's ready for marriage and doesn't actually know all the things that that brings. And I'm wondering what your thoughts on that are. If you kind of see him taking - gravitating towards these younger people who may or may not be ready to actually, you know, fall in love and get married and have kids, which are all the things he says he wants to do.
Well, you know, getting to know him and seeing him, I had to look at the experience like an outsider looking in. Even though he was going on dates with other girls when we would be on group dates I had to see him interact with the other girls. However, I saw things in him that I really liked. And I was like wow. He's very caring. He's understanding. He's energetic. He's funny. He's goofy. He has a sense of humor. I saw all these things and I was like, I knew that's what I was always looking for. But it took me time to realize that. I had to kiss a few frogs before I get my prince, so to speak. As for the girls that were younger, I can't really speak for them, because I don't know where their heart was at that moment in time. I'm not saying that they weren't there for Ben. I'm just saying I don't know their past experiences. I don't know what they've gone through. But just being 34-years-old and doing some things in my life. Being with modeling, and working in the nightlife industry, being an esthetician, I just know that that's something that I've wanted and I've been looking for. But it's very difficult in my situation, to find that one that wants the same thing that I do. I think sometimes the girls that were younger, I just - I don't know that they really know what it takes to be in a committed relationship and to really take that next step. It's not just, oh, we get together. There's an engagement. Then we get married. And it's not all sunshine and rainbows after that. There's gonna be ups and downs, and you have to make sure that you're gonna be a rock for that person in their time of need and vice versa.

Do you think that sex appeal and aggression are the keys to winning Ben's heart, like Courtney is doing?
Well, I'm not Ben. However, I don't necessarily think the sex appeal and aggression in the sense of what most people think is going to win his heart. However, I do think you have to put yourself out there, put your best foot out there. And make yourself noticeable in order for him to keep noticing you. Because there's so many pretty girls there that are distractions. So you definitely have to try to make yourself stand out.

It kind of seems like [Courtney’s] leading him on just from what we've seen. Do you think that Courtney would actually reject, then, if he proposed?
I don't know. I didn't get to know her very well. I'm not sure if she would or if she wouldn't. I don't know what her motives are.

Well just from watching the show and what you know about her as a fan. What would your opinion be?
My opinion just from watching and seeing her, I don't see feelings. I just don't see feelings there. Not like that. I can tell that Ben is attracted to her. I can tell she is attracted to Ben. But there's much more to a relationship than just attraction.

Like, what's your reaction to people basically thinking that Ben handled [your two on one date elimination] poorly and the way that he concentrated more on giving Rachel the rose rather than giving you a better explanation of why he was eliminating you, when you were together?
Well, you know, it's — it's definitely hurtful when somewhat — like, you don't understand there's definitely closure that I feel like, you know, I need. But, in the same sense, it's hard because he — I felt at the time that he knew what I was wanting, and I was very open with him and very honest. And I think that after the fact that he really knew, because it hurt me so bad, you know, just holding him and crying right before I got into the car to leave, I think he really felt like, 'wow, I didn't realize this was how strongly she would react to this' because those were real feelings, they weren't just 'hey, I want to get to know you better and make this, you know, as far as I can go.' I really wanted to open up and get to know him a lot more than just to get to the end of the show kind of thing.

And when you were dancing with Ben during the salsa portion of your two on one date, Rachel called you, quote unquote, "tacky" and said Ben was probably mixing up a sexual attraction he had for you, versus having real feelings for you I guess. So, what's your response to that, and how deep do you think those feelings were for you, despite what the other girls believed?
Well, I know that Ben was attracted to me, and I know we did have good chemistry, however, the times that we spent together and the times, versus other people spent together, you never know what attraction sparked him more or a conversation sparked him more, but, I don't — I mean, I don't mind that — it doesn't bother me that she called me tacky. I don't know how I was tacky, we were both there dancing in dresses in Panama and we both had the same routine we had to dance, so, I guess if I was tacky she was too.

Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Who were you closest within the house, and were there a lot of cliques?
I was closest with Casey Shteamer in the house. And cliques, I would say - I don't know if I would say cliques. It's just the smaller the group got, the more intimate each of us got with each other as friends. And like, we really sort of got to know each other. So it kind of depended on who was on a group date and who wasn't and who would be hanging out and who got to talk a little more. So I don't think there were necessarily cliques. However, I might have felt differently in the beginning, because no one liked me at all.

Were you surprised when Casey S. went home?
Yes. I was very surprised that Casey S. went home. When I saw it, I was completely taken aback because I did get to know her. And I did become friends with her. She is an absolutely amazing person inside and out. Not only is she beautiful outside. But she's such a good person. And she's such a good friend. And I had no clue that she was even in this type of situation. I had no clue.

What was your best memory of being on the show?
If I had to choose a best memory from the show, I would definitely have to say it was in Puerto Rico, because I really came into my own person. I found myself. I was like, wow, I see all these great things about Ben. This is what I've always been looking for. I deserve this. And I kind of did a turning point within myself. And I think I'll always remember that. So I think Puerto Rico was probably my favorite place.

What's next for you?
Um. I don't know. Right now, I'm just at home. I'm working, spending a lot of time with my dog, Halo, and my friends and family, so I don't know. We'll see what's next for me. I'm not sure.

So have you been a fan of The Bachelor before and The Bachelorette? And were you aware of them when you went on the show?
Well I've been a fan of the show, before, yes. I've watched it. But not knowing who exactly was gonna be [The Bachelor] until — I guess it was the final rose. When he was with Chris Harrison and they announced it was going to be him. I was just kind of like, "Wow. This is gonna be really interesting." Because I didn't have a clue as to who it was going to be. And then when I found out it was Ben, I was like, well let's just give this a shot and let's see. You never know what's going to happen.

Would you consider going on the Bachelor Pad, if they asked you?
Oh, absolutely. Everything that I've taken from this experience has just like made me grow into such a strong person because of it. I've made some really good friends. And there's nothing like the experience, and it's kind of like you are like a family with the people that you were close with. So absolutely.

After a few episodes, the drama seemed to subside. And there was eventually footage of you doing some of the bachelorettes' hair and having friendly conversations with them and stuff. So, when was the turning point, I guess? When did your relationship with the other bachelorettes change, and how did that happen?
I think it was kind of really after San Francisco. You know, the whole thing with Shawntel [Newton] coming back. I think it kind of all jolted us so much that we were like, "wow." Everybody just needs to stop focusing on everything else. And at that point, I had gotten to a place where I was like, you know, I'm so focused on Ben. And if I keep letting these girls get to me, it's just going to bring me down. And that's not going to be attractive to Ben. So not only that. But I just — you don't ever want to feel down or like you're not wanted or nobody wants to be your friend. But at the same time, I was there to date Ben and not to date all these other girls. I went on the show to date Ben. But I think once the girls realized that just because I wasn't there to be quote-unquote friends with everyone didn't mean I didn't want to get to know them and like co-exist with them and be friendly with them. I just wanted to make sure that my focus remained on Ben. So I think that's kind of the turning point with San Francisco. And then once we got to Park City it was a little easier to talk to girls. And they were sort of giving me more of a chance to open up and talk a little bit. And when we started talking about things with us, like girls like doing hair, nails, our favorite movies. When we started focusing on girl stuff conversations rather than what another person was doing the night before on the group date or whatever, it really got to be a lot easier.

Ben didn't have much of an issue with the girls sharing their concerns about Samantha earlier in the season and why she was on the show. So why did you think he got so hostile towards Emily when she wanted to talk to him about Courtney? Do you think that Ben was just very into Courtney and maybe not so much into Samantha, and that made all the difference? Because it seems like kind of a double standard.
That's a good question. Well, I don't think that he was into Samantha at all. So I don't see him having - him doing what he did with her wasn't like out of the blue if you're not (feeling) someone. Because they weren't very close, they weren't intimate. They didn't have like any type of chemistry, I didn't feel like. But with Courtney, it's very apparent. Like we could see that there was something there early on. You could definitely tell that there was chemistry with Courtney and Ben.

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