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The Bachelorette

Ben Flajnik’s Bestie Constantine Tzortzis on The Bachelor 16: Emily’s Right About Courtney, Wrong to Apologize

Constantine Tzortzis, Ben Flajnik's Team Red Dragon twin from The Bachelorette Season 7, seems to have jumped on the anti-Courtney Robertson bandwagon. He already told CBS Atlanta he's been talking to Ben during his buddy's Bachelor 16 "journey" and he's been blogging himself on the official Bachelor site.

In his blog on Episode 6, Constantine seems to take the opposite view of his friend when it comes to Courtney going native in Panama:

Ben Flajnik’s Bestie Constantine Tzortzis on The Bachelor 16: Emily’s Right About Courtney, Wrong to Apologize
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"In an act of pure selflessness, Courtney is forced to go all Nat Geo with the hope of saving Ben and her housemates. Fortunately for Courtney this wasn’t the 'other' Chris’s show, where gyrating in front of small children can only lead to handcuffs. Ultimately the sacrifice of Courtney’s dignity and class were enough to appease the primitive villagers and the group was let free to leave in peace." (No word from Constantine on Ben's dignity after wearing that skimpy loincloth.)

Constantine also explains the Absolute Relationship Control theory, which he feels Courtney is using on Ben:

"Ben and Courtney’s private conversation reveals yet another attempt at absolute relationship control (ARC) on Courtney’s part. Again Courtney reaches into her pocket and attempts to pull the yellow manipulation card and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect upon Ben as when it was first used in Utah. Courtney realizes that her tactics have stalled and immediately switches up and begins to mention all the provocative things she can imagine her and Ben engaging in at a later date. Once she sees our Bachelor is fully switched on she goes in for a kiss and immediately pulls away. I refer to this tactic as 'The Dangled Carrot'. It simply plants the seeds of control sublimely under the guise of future promises of pleasure. I must admit Courtney is crafty; the question stands, is this a product of the game or is the game a product of her?"

And Constantine is definitely on Team Emily when it comes to Emily O'Brien vs. Courtney:

"In Emily’s conversation with Ben she makes light of the situation reverting to what I think she does best, making Ben laugh. Unfortunately, she then shows a complete lack of judgment by apologizing to Courtney. Emily was right about Courtney and as punishment for deviating from her instincts she promptly gets her head ripped off by the Alpha model in a verbal assault one might expect to only hear from a Teamster in New Jersey. Ultimately, the light of shame is cast upon Courtney for not being able to accept Emily’s sincere apology with even the least bit of dignity and class."

Maybe she didn't think it was sincere. Anyway, Ben seems like a really laid-back guy and even though he clearly likes Courtney a lot, he probably doesn’t mind his old buddy joining the mob to question her. It sounds like next week Ben starts questioning Courtney himself.

Source: TheBachelor.TV

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02.11.2012 / 02:02 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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