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The Bachelorette

Sorry, We Don’t Like You — Bachelor Nation Stars Who Turned Off Other Contestants

Courtney Robertson, The Bachelor Season 16

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Conversations stop when Courtney enters the room. But she’s the only one willing to say her piece to people’s faces instead of waiting for them to leave. But her candor and lack of social graces (and nudity) have turned her into The Girl Everyone Hates. Kacie Boguskie even borrowed Jackie Gordon’s spider analogy, comparing Courtney to a black widow that she wants to crush. People on and off the show seem to think Courtney just wants to win (“winning!”) and is playing Ben Flajnik for a fool, but what if they have a genuine connection? There are still several episodes left to this season and it’s possible we’re seeing a real love story play out. Or not.

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Erica Rose, The Bachelor Season 9

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

There have been a lot of drama girls in Bachelor history. Before she went on Bachelor Pad 1, Krisily Kennedy was "the bitch" of Season 7 who called girls out for being fake. Moana Dixon was the drama girl of Season 8 and she ruffled feathers when she and Travis Stork jumped off a yacht and escaped from the other girls. But there have been few characters on The Bachelor like Erica Rose of the Rome-set Season 9. The tiara princess came off as a spoiled brat in love with herself and in hate with the other girls. She loved to diss Lorenzo Borghese's bachelorettes to the cameras. She got into a fight with some of them during the Women Tell All special. As Jami Matzke put it, "You're such a bitch, Erica, damn!" Now we adore Princess Erica, but it took Bachelor Pad 2 to get us there.

Justin Rego, The Bachelorette Season 6

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

From his debut as “The Wrestler,” Justin "Rated-R" Rego rubbed the fellas in the house the wrong way. They thought he was a two-faced phony and weren’t above standing in a circle talking about him behind his back. Craig Robinson and Ty Brown were especially vocal against Justin but even mild-mannered Roberto Martinez was shocked when Ali let it slip that Justin had hobbled on his crutches up to her house, on the sly. Justin was so upset at being ostracized, he was shown sniffling off by himself. After he was kicked off for supposedly having a girlfriend back home, Justin tried to defend himself. But when he returned for Bachelor Pad 2, he decided to embrace his “villain” reputation.

Ryan Park, The Bachelorette Season 7

Credit: TheBachelorTV on Twitter    

It still doesn’t really make sense why the guys of Ashley Hebert’s season all ganged up on Ryan. Yeah, he was cheesy and had a real Jake 2.0 quality about him, but why go so far as to confront him about his exuberance when he wasn’t hurting anyone? Blake Julian told Ames Brown that Ryan was the smarmiest dude he ever met. Then Blake told Ryan none of the guys in the house liked him, for no better reason than his “intensity” and how he got loud when he was happy. This shocked Ryan, who couldn’t believe they would question his sincerity just because he’s exuberant. But considering none of them seemed to suspect anything about Bentley, their judgment isn’t exactly stellar. And Blake ended up a major target himself on Bachelor Pad 2, so maybe that was Sunshine karma headed his way.

There are Bachelor/ette "villains" and there are contestants the other housemates don’t like — and sometimes they’re not the same people. For example, the guys on The Bachelorette Season 7 were all fine with “Bad News” Bentley Williams since he was always nice to them and they had no idea he was insulting Ashley Hebert to the cameras; they saved their open irritation for Ryan “Mr. Sunshine” Park because he was… too happy. On The Bachelor Season 16, Courtney Robertson seems to be fulfilling both roles — villain to folks at home and in-house pariah. Let’s look back at some other contestants who just rubbed their peers the wrong way.

Michelle Money, The Bachelor Season 15

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Michelle Money, like Courtney, was a very sexy and sensual woman (not a little girl!) who used her feminine wiles to seduce Brad Womack. Michelle wasn’t a huge favorite in the house — especially with Chantal O'Brien and Jackie Gordon — but she ended up doing the most damage in her In the Moment interviews, where she shared her most choice (and hilarious) disses about her fellow bachelorettes. Those chickens came home to roost on the Women Tell All, when the ladies called her out for her actions, especially Jackie, who said “I equate you to a spider: You're creepy, and I don't think you're humorous.” They made up and became good friends on Bachelor Pad 2.

Jake Pavelka, Bachelor Pad 2

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images    

He may not have left The Bachelorette 5 or Bachelor 14 with a ton of friends, but no one has ever gotten the cold shoulder like Jake did on Bachelor Pad 2. His ex Vienna and her new man Kasey Kahl planted major seeds of dissent in the house before Jake arrived — and it basically scared everyone into treating him like a leper. People were openly rooting for him to leave. Every other diss to the cameras was about Jake. Once again, Gia Allemand was the only one willing to stand up for the underdog, but Jake eventually ticked her off too. Jake managed to get out of the show alive and even won over a couple of folks, like Jackie Gordon and a smitten Erica Rose. Even if he’s never besties with anyone from BP2, their venom made them look bad and, by default, made him look good.

Vienna Girardi, The Bachelor Season 14

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images    

Courtney may seem like the next Vienna Girardi, but Vienna herself was Erica Rose 2.0. In the intro package, we saw Vienna lounging around talking about herself as a spoiled daddy’s girl. That set the tone for the rest of the season, where it became Everyone vs. Vienna. Gia Allemand was her only friend in the house and at one point Vienna even lashed out at Gia, declaring all the girls in the house to be “fake.” Her biggest nemesis was, of course, Ali Fedotowsky, who couldn’t stop talking to everyone — including Bachelor Jake — about her anti-Vienna sentiments.

Trish Schneider, The Bachelor Season 5

Credit: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images    

We fell in love with Trish when we first saw her T-shirt reading "Gold Digger— Like a hooker … just smarter." Jesse Palmer kept Trish around to just before the overnight dates, even though his best friend Jenny was acting as a spy in the house and told him to dump Trish. The ladies of Season 5 played a game of "I never" and Trish shocked everyone by saying she had slept with more men than she could count on both hands and both feet — including a married man. It took another competitor telling Jesse that Trish was there for "the wrong reasons" for him to send her home. But she didn’t stay home. The Bachelor loves villains, so Trish came back to the show to tell Jesse he made a mistake and to invite him to come stay in her hotel room instead of going on an overnight date with another contestant.

Jeremy Anderson, The Bachelorette Season 4

Credit: ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

In his exit interview, Jeremy said the guys were just joking around when they called him things like “Captain D-Bag” and “American Psycho.” But some of DeAnna Pappas’ bachelors felt he was only on The Bachelorette to win a competition. He argued that he had real feelings for DeAnna. Folks at home were split on Jeremy, with a lot of the blogs — which Jeremy stopped reading because they were so harsh — definitely questioning his sincerity.

Juan Barbieri, The Bachelorette Season 5


To viewers at home, it was hard to understand the issue with Juan Barbieri, who seemed fine to us but Enemy #1 of Jillian Harris’ bachelors. He was in strict violation of David Good’s “man code” and they seemed to think he was phony — acting one way with them, then pretending he was part of the crew when Jillian was around. Dave was the captain of the Anti-Juan crusade, seeming to lead all group discussions against the guy. However, after the show Dave and Juan seemed to make up. Now a lot of guys from that season save their harshest “phony” comments for Jake Pavelka, who went from this show to The Bachelor.