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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Taylor Armstrong Releases Medical Records Amidst Claims She Falsely Accused Russell Armstrong of Abusing Her

Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filled with tension as the suicide of Russell Armstrong — as well as Taylor Armstrong’s allegations that he had abused her — cast a pall over the events of the previous year. Taylor details the abuse in her new memoir, Hiding From Reality, and some of the shocking claims have won her supporters and detractors. In response, Taylor has posted medical records on her Facebook page, which she says will prove her story.

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Some claim the timeline of Taylor’s stories don’t add up. For example, The Daily Beast points out that Taylor was happily tweeting on June 12, 2011 about being “pool side” the day after her birthday, when she now claims Russell beat her so badly she nearly lost her eye. Taylor told the site that Russell told her to tweet that and that the “orbital blowout” wasn’t a black eye.

The bruised face that Taylor showed photos of to Entertainment Tonight was a result of the reconstructive surgery she had on July 5. In the document posted to Facebook, which is dated June 23, 2011 — nearly two weeks after the initial injury — the report says the injury is a “fracture of the right inferior orbital wall.” Accompanying the Facebook post, Taylor writes, “Here’s the first record from the imaging center who examined my eye. Despite what the doubters have said, I will say again — this was not an elective, cosmetic surgery. More to come later.” Taylor then removed the post — but not the document — due to the many negative comments she was receiving.

On her Twitter, Taylor wrote, “I'm sure there will be some new spin from the haters out there but that will only make it more difficult for other abused women!! When a woman says she's being abused, don't wait for bruises to appear. Believe her! Help her! Don't doubt her & call her a liar!”

Source: Facebook, Twitter, The Daily Beast

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