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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle’s Jessica Parker Kennedy Talks Sexy Witch Style

Remember back in the pilot episode of The Secret Circle when Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was a nerdy sidekick with super-curly hair? The CW clearly made a conscious decision to sex-up her character once they ordered a full season, and Jessica Parker Kennedy has the scoop!

“In terms of the fashion and the hair, that was huge for all of us,” Jessica tells Price Peterson of “Like for Episode 1, even if you look at Shelley Hennig, her hair and her makeup and her style compared to Episode 2 is hugely different. So really after the pilot The CW and all the creators got together and said, ‘Okay, we like this, but it just needs to be up a notch.’”

And boy did they ever! Before Nick died and Melissa started wearing leather mourning jackets, she pranced around in her undies like whoa.

“It's funny, I think because you hear "CW" you think sexy,” Jessica explains. “And so I wasn't surprised whatsoever, but it was a bit of a relief when — because I haven't had to be in my underwear since Episode 4 or something – it was kind of a nice relief when they were like, ‘Okay, it's Diana's turn now.’ I was like, ‘Phew!’ So I really didn't mind. We're young! I'm going to be 80 and I can look back and say, ‘I used to be such a little hottie’ or whatever. Not that I think I'm some wonderful hottie now or something.”

Has Melissa look in the mirror lately? She’s the belle of the Chance Harbor ball!


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