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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Relationships: Should Andy Date Holly or His Mysterious Fairy Woman?

After an entire True Blood season of poppin’ V and being super bald, Sheriff Andy finally has his groove back. Who knew all it would take was some forest sex with a shiny fairy and her E.T. finger?

This love-making session came out of nowhere, but it was surprisingly beautiful. Though honestly, we were totally high on Sookric sex fumes at the time.

So what’s the deal with Andy and his fairy friend? Surprisingly, right after they made sweet love in the middle of that grassy knoll, Andy wandered back to Bon Temps and immediately asked out Holly! What the wha? Sure, Andy was crushing on Holly pre-fairygasm, but really? Poor form.

We’re all about Andy and Holly looking for love in all the right places, but we can’t help feeling bad for Tinkerbell, lost and alone in the forest — and quite possibly impregnated with mini Bellefleurs.

Which one of these lovely ladies do you think Andy should date?

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