Community Spoiler: A Greendale Death?
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Community Spoiler: A Greendale Death?

Hey Community fans. Are you starting to finally adjust to our favorite meta comedy being off the air indefinitely? Are 30 Rock's tanking ratings in Community's old spot actually giving you hope for the future of the show?

Well, brace yourself, because we're here with a spoiler that will make your Greendale loving heart sad all over again.

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TV Guide has some info on a new twist that will take place during the second half of Season 3 (you know, once NBC actually puts the show back on TV), and it's a doozie: Joel McHale (Jeff Winger) revealed that "a character from the show will die."

Unlike the death of Pierce's (Chevy Chase) father earlier this season, this time the person kicking the bucket is someone we know and love.

While we can pretty much assume the victim won't be a character from the core cast, Joel says it is "someone you've seen a lot." Another clue: "He dies in the mid-afternoon."

So, a regular face around Greendale, a man, and someone who might die in the middle of the day. Our money's on Leonard (Richard Erdman), though given Dino Stamatopoulos's (Star-Burns) well-documented distaste for acting, Star-Burns is a decent bet as well.

Source: TV Guide

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02.13.2012 / 09:58 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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