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Glee Stars Respond to Whitney Houston’s Death on Twitter

Anyone who is passionate about music was influenced and inspired by the late, great Whitney Houston, who died on Saturday, Feb. 12, so it's no surprise that the stars of Glee took to Twitter to send out condolences and share fond memories of the idol's passing.

Amber Riley (Mercedes), who is set to perform a stunning version of Whitney's ballad "I Will Always Love You" on Tuesday night during Season 3, Episode 13: “Heart,” wrote: "I can't even breathe right now. Not Whitney. I'm in tears right now. ;(," then explained, "I had to pull over off the road. RIP Whitney Houston. I'm glad now that I got to meet you and thank you for your beautiful music."

Lea Michele (Rachel) said simply: "I'm speechless. Such sad news about Whitney Houston.."

Naya Rivera (Santana) had a similar message of shock: "Oh my gosh. I'm speechless. R.I.P. Whitney Houston."

Kevin McHale (Artie) sent out a series of messages remembering the late superstar's impact: "NO. this did not happen? whitney? what!?," he said, before noting, "it's incredible the impact one voice can have. Whitney, you changed so much. A true Icon." Later, he said that he was "Jammin to Whitney all night. The voice will live on forever. The power of music."

And Harry Shum Jr. (Mike)? He talked about Whitney's influence as well: "Grew up listening to Whitney. This news makes me sad. RIP to a legend, Whitney Houston."

Grant Gustin (Sebastian) tweeted out a link to his favorite Whitney performance, her stunning vocal delivery of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl in 1991, writing, "Remembering Whitney Houston. This video is pretty amazing. She will be missed incredibly."

Chris Colfer (Kurt) didn't have to say much, only writing her name and a hashtag that has been trending since yesterday: "Whitney Houston #IWillAlwaysLoveYou."

It was an emotional day for everyone, but we're glad to know that Whitney was on their mind.

Source: Twitter